Passing of A Woman Pioneer In Aviation

Marilyn Brooks, who was the first woman to become a fully-licensed dispatcher at a major US airline, has passed on at 92, after a brief illness.

Starting as a secretary, Marilyn had no concept of a “glass ceiling”… and neither did her employer, Braniff International. In the 1970s, entering what was then a fully male-dominated sector, she made short order of any initial gender push-back, and became an example of opening all positions to all comers, based on merit.

Most folks never knew of Marilyn Brooks… but her example is one that helped advance the airline industry.

SCASD Docket Issued

DOT has finally issued the docket for the 2018/19 Small Community Air Service Development Program.

Following a GAO audit, the DOT has fuzzied the grant award criteria, now stating that they might allow grants for competing with incumbents (do not hold your breath), and allowance to apply for the same type of grant previously awarded.

The misconception that a SCASD can be used to “lower ‘higher than average’ fares” is still in the docket, even though that’s something that a grant has no chance of achieving at a small community – and hasn’t in the last ten years.

A community can apply for a new SCASD grant, even if it has a current one in place. It just needs to disavow the former grant.

Funding is $12.5 million… filing date deadline 7/15/19… same level of complex on-line filing.

If you’re interested in exploring the potential for a SCASD grant, give us an email… unlike other consultants, we do tell potential clients whether it makes sense or not – before we take the project. It’s the reason we’ve turned down projects in the past.

For straight talk, and a review of the new award criteria, click here to down load Boyd Group International’s Guide To SCASD Grant FilingIt will give an idea regarding how BGI has won more SCASD dollars than any other consultant.

Summit – More Leaders… More Insight… More Planning Value

It’s Now The Premier Industry Event. The International Aviation Forecast Summit is today the only true forecast event, delivering perspectives and futurist data that gives our attendees the competitive edge.

Whether it’s a global hub gateway, a major financial institution, an OEM supplier, or a regional airport, the IAFS provides clear views of where the industry is going, and where the new dynamics will emerge.

A Window To Tomorrow’s Planning Opportunities. Many of the current industry trends were first illuminated at the IAFS – such as new fleet opportunities, the regionalization of air access, the decline in small jet demand, or the rapid rise in the importance of China in the US aviation and air traffic future.

It’s the reason that the IAFS is where industry leaders gather.

The IAFS Strength: Air Carrier Discussions. Getting the unique insights of airline leaders is one of the reasons many attendees join us year after year.

Here’s just the start of the global airline leaders who will be discussing the future August 25-27 in Las Vegas…

Southwest – Andrew Watterson, EVP & Chief Revenue Officer. Spirit – Ted Christie,  CEO. Korean Air – John Jackson, VP. Delta – Joe Esposito,  SVP. United – Linda JoJo, EVP. Allegiant – Maury Gallegher, CEO. American – to be announced. Sun Country – Jude Bricker, CEO. Aeromexico – Anko Van der Werff, CCO. Hawaiian – Peter Ingrahm (to be confirmed). Aer Lingus – to be announced, SkyWest – Chip Childs, President & CEO. Frontier – Barry Biffle, CEO – to be confirmed, Air Canada/Rouge – Duncan Bureau, President… and more to be announced.

A Free-Form Exploration Format. Unlike other events, the IAFS does not pre-determine subject “panels” and then try to fit presenters into each.

Instead, the IAFS allows these leaders to determine each for themselves what the future hot buttons will be affecting aviation. Our “fireside chat” format – where we freely discuss and explore the future – is one that other conferences have tried to emulate, but without much success.

For the complete new agenda, including the incisive forecast sessions, and discussions with all of the major airliner manufacturers – click here.

The venue this year is the Wynn/Encore Resort in Las Vegas, and we’ve arranged special Boyd Group IAFS rates, too.

Planning for the future is serious business. Join industry leaders from across the industry and the world August 25-27.

We look forward to seeing you!

And Speaking of The 737 MAX Market…

As of March 23, LOT Polish Airlines registered orders for two additional 737 MAX-8 airliners.

Further, as of March 25, it appears that American has pulled its MAX aircraft off their schedule until the end of April. That could change, based on results of recent Boeing upgrade software announcements.

Small Community Air Service Grant Strategy Guide

The GAO has just issued a performance review of the SCASD program, covering grant awards between 2010 and 2014,

It’s 63 pages of sleep-inducing text, but the bottom line is that the GAO is recommending that the DOT be more specific and more consistent in quantifying how they rank application criteria.

The DOT responded that they would provide new guidelines and approaches to selecting awards. However, as of March 2019, the GAO had not received the DOT’s promised outline of such revisions.

Nevertheless, it’s now possible that the DOT will finally issue the 2019 SCASD docket in the near term.

If your community is considering filing for a grant – give us a call. We can discuss your objectives and explore the best approach.

Click here for the  2019 SCASD Success With Boyd Group International, which gives insight from our 17 years of being more successful than any other consultant in winning SCASD dollars.

Air Access Congratulations…

We’re excited regarding the addition of service from Traverse City to Sarasota, with Elite Airways. The Grand Traverse Region in the summer and the Florida west coast in the winter are a perfect match.

And, it’s great news that Delta is adding a much-needed fourth frequency from the global economic region of Golden Triangle, Mississippi to Atlanta – and there’s more news to come, too.

In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Harlingen continues to build as the dominant gateway,  with more key destinations than any other airport in the region, with new flights to AA’s global hub at DFW, and the success of Frontier Airlines service to Denver and Chicago.

Straight Professional Insight… All of these additions were accomplished with direct, no-nonsense approaches to airline strategies and fleet applications. No 60-page “market studies” or “drive analyses” – just hard data based on current and emerging airline route planning directions.



Bill Cooksey

We send our best wishes to the family of Bill Cooksey, Deputy Director of Shreveport, who passed away after an extended and very tragic illness.

Bill was a special friend of BGI, both as a client and personally. A very giving person and a contributor to his community, was constantly and actively involved in all manner of charity events in the region and for his church. He also was a superb airport administrator, who was invaluable in guiding SHV through some challenging times.

As a friend, Bill and our CEO shared a passion for classic cars, and he assisted in locating a rare ’79 Dodge Little Red Express pickup for us, and then helping with finding parts and accessories. Today, that truck is garaged in our office building and is now our reminder of a man who constantly was looking to help others.


Small Community Air Service Grant Program

The DOT has advised – essentially – that they have no idea when the docket will be issued for the 2018 – yes, 2018 – Small Community Air Service Development Program.

The money has been appropriated, but the docket, according to word from the DOT, is still being reviewed. Like, it’s been the same for the past 17 years.

It is uncertain whether there will be two SCASD dockets in the calendar year of 2019… one for 2018 and one for 2019.

This delay has zero to do with any federal shutdown… the fact is that this is a program that the DOT has simply failed to implement – and that is not anything for DOT Secretary Elaine Chao to be proud of.

More B-717s Retired

Last week, Delta parked another three of the -717s they acquired from Southwest. In addition, they are slowly pulling MD-90s out of their fleet.

More Air Service Access Success For BGI Clients

We are excited to note that Traverse City will be gaining first-ever nonstops to Washington this summer, with United adding week-end frequencies.

This follows United planning nonstops to Denver this summer.

At Manchester, American Airlines will be adding daily flights to its global hub at O’Hare.

If your airport is looking for results, consider using BGI…

The difference in BGI air access programs is that we go directly to the target carriers with hard data, and skip the traditional, unfocused and expensive “true market studies” that airlines smile at but at the end of the day pay no real attention to.

Give us a call, or e-mail Dan Cohn by clicking here.