Air Access Congratulations…

We’re excited regarding the addition of service from Traverse City to Sarasota, with Elite Airways. The Grand Traverse Region in the summer and the Florida west coast in the winter are a perfect match.

And, it’s great news that Delta is adding a much-needed fourth frequency from the global economic region of Golden Triangle, Mississippi to Atlanta – and there’s more news to come, too.

In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Harlingen continues to build as the dominant gateway,  with more key destinations than any other airport in the region, with new flights to AA’s global hub at DFW, and the success of Frontier Airlines service to Denver and Chicago.

Straight Professional Insight… All of these additions were accomplished with direct, no-nonsense approaches to airline strategies and fleet applications. No 60-page “market studies” or “drive analyses” – just hard data based on current and emerging airline route planning directions.