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CNBC Asia, Singapore, February 23, 2024

Mike Boyd discusses the challenges facing Qantas, in light of lower than expected earnings and major recent problems. The problem appears to be that past management lost control of the airline as a cohesive customer service entity.






Yahoo Morning Brief, February 8, 2024

Spirit 4Q 2003 Results. Mike Boyd provides professional insight regarding the challenges facing the carrier. The entire ULCC sector is in full metal jacket change mode, as the dynamics of consumer impulse traffic are rapidly shifting.

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Wall $treet Wrap-Up, PBS. February 2, 2024

A 28-minute discussion of Boeing’s challenges, shifts in global fleet demand, consumer confidence and airline industry service challenges going forward.

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Schwab Financial, February 6. Subject: Customers abandoning Boeing? Some direct observations on the evolving market problems at Boeing.

This is not a drill – loyal customers are making some disturbing comments on how Boeing is dealing with the revelations as a result of the -9 fiasco.  Click here.


Topic: The China Air Travel Market – Expectations For The Spring Festival On Rush. As the leader in independent research and forecasting of the China civil aviation market, here, direct and blunt answers to how the China domestic market has almost rebounded to 2019 levels, but international traffic is down 14% due to declines in outbound and inbound tourism. Also, an unvarnished answer to questions about whether China’s domestic airliners can compete in the global marketplace. CGTn, January 2024. Click here.


Topic: United CEO’s Comments on Boeing and Has Outsourcing Affected Boeing Quality.

CNBC Squawk Box, January 2024. Click here.