Master Plan Forecasts

In The New Post-Pandemic Environment, Your Master Plan Needs Revision

Let’s cut to the new reality… the air transportation business – actually all sectors of aviation – now face fundamentally different dynamics due to the economic and market effects of the CCP-Covid pandemic.

To start with, commercial airlines are all restructuring their fleets, route systems, and in fact their entire operating and marketing strategies. Contributing to this, consumer patterns of air service usage have also shifted. Demand for business travel has entirely different drivers, and general aviation has a very cloudy future as well.

This means your Master Plan demands attention.

Boyd Group International has assisted airports and engineering firms in navigating the difficult path that demands complete adherence to various circulars, which still producing a forecast that is consistent with emerging aviation fleet and traffic realities. As the leaders in aviation forecasting, our expertise delivers realistic and cost-effective results.

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