Touch & Go Insights

February 16, 2024




This week we review the highlights of our latest client study regarding the changes in the ULCC model that are now unfolding.

Then, we review how politicians can completely torpedo an airport’s air service development program.




February 2, 2024

Cutting to the bottom line: Small airports are finding they are spending enormous amounts of money on semi-ethical ASD consulting that starts by intentionally not informing the client of air service realities.






January 27, 2024

Taking issue with some of the sloppy reporting being passed off as aviation expertise.




January 13, 2024


The Coming Air Service Access Modality For Rural and Small Communities.





January 20, 2024

DOJ has turned down the Jet Blue/Spirit acquisition, with the inept and uneducated assumption that it would reduce competition. In fact, it would have increased competition with network/hybrid airlines, without ultimately eliminating the impulse traffic now carried by Spirit.


December 29, 2023

The New Air Service Realities For 2024:
Economic Reality Takes Over.
The Days of Rasputin-Like Consultant Voodoo Are Over.



December 29, 2023

The New Air Service Realities For 2024:
Economic Reality Takes Over.
The Days of Rasputin-Like Voodoo Are Over.




December 22, 2023
Sustainable Aviation Fuel:
What Are The Full Environmental Impacts?
Funny. Nobody Dares Ask Hard Questions
Plus, touching on China & Boeing, and the Red Way Airline Fiasco.



December 10, 2023
Sargent Bilko International. 
Mexico’s Army Is Going Into The Airline Business

It’s a mystery why the President of Mexico is so intent on using his army – which is having difficulty even doing what armies are supposed do do (like, defending the country from drug cartels) – spend money and resources starting an airline that will at best undermine private companies.


Plus: Media Coverage of Airline Mergers.
Mis-Informatiton From Incompetent Sources.

Take a gander at the lorry loads of complete ignorant drivel coming from some sources in even the supposed aviation media. The B6/NK and AS/HA deals are actually consumer-positive. What’s not is the irresponsible reporting from the usual suspects.



November 25, 2023
Avelo: Case Study In Rapid Strategy
Moving Resources Rapidly Is A Sign Of Sound Marketing

We’ve watched Avelo move to cut flights from Dayton, Charlottesville, Ogden, Fort Collins, Mobile, Melbourne, and others – just in the last roughly nine months. Traditional thinking would conclude the carrier is in trouble. Actually it’s just the opposite.


Plus: ULCCs: No Room For Customer Service Failure.
Frontier Gets Barbecued On #1 Most-Watched Late Nite TV Show. Not The Right Earned Media, Guys.

Airline service in general is on the hot seat. A lot of the contentions coming from the seat warmer at the DOT – and above – have been complete dishonesty. But there are way too many avoidable customer service fubars that have gained lots of YouTube viewers. The key word is avoidable.