BGI Is The Leader In Aviation Forecasting
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Boyd Group International Is The Leader In Forecast Expertise

From basic route and market projections to full-dynamic multi-year enplanement forecasts, to international traffic projections, to fleet demand and trends across the globe, Boyd Group International is the leader in assisting aviation clients in grasping the opportunities of the future.

This is another area that sets Boyd Group International ahead of the competition. Since our inception in 1984, we’ve been at the forefront of providing clients with all areas of aviation forecasts. And our track record speaks for itself.

Airport Traffic & Strategic Trend Forecasts

Rapid and episodic shifts in airline strategies are not reflected in FAA Terminal Area Forecasts - or any government data, for that matter.

But Boyd Group International's Forecasts reflect not only changes in airline trends at each airport, but also includes economic and other local data to produce information that's reflective of the real world, right now. Updated monthly, too. Click here to request more information.

Route And Market Forecasts

When approaching an airline regarding new service opportunities, it is critical that airports have accurate and reliable forecast projections. At BGI, we provide route forecasts that will define the potential of a market beyond just traffic numbers. Because we are leaders in airline strategy research, our route forecasts are set within the context of the target airline's long-term tactical plans.

Not only do our route and market forecasts provide new insight, they are also ruthlessly direct... if a market does not meet the standards and strategies of the target airline, we reflect it accordingly. Keeping our clients focused on success, instead of vapor programs, is one reason that BGI holds great respect from carriers across the spectrum.

Airport Master Plan Forecasts

The depth of forecast expertise of BGI is called upon by airports and engineering firms to prepare real-world traffic and operations forecasts for Master Plan documents. BGI’s extensive and always-current research regarding all areas of aviation – commercial, business, private, and rotor-wing – allows us to deliver far more accurate projections than any other source. When the real data varies substantially from the FAA’s TAF, we provide hard, factual support for the forecasts, to assure that the new Master Plan is a true reflection of the future.

When You Need Real Forecasts – Call Us.

Our track record is unmatched in assisting clients in meeting the future with hard, direct, and incisive forecasts. We can assist you in planning for the future… for more information and to explore your needs, contact us by clicking here.

Every Challenge Brings Opportunity

Today, every part of the U.S. aviation industry needs to re-think, re-plan, and re-strategize.

Our focus is on working with clients to develop not just new thinking, but new perspectives in regard to the future. The devastating effects of the pandemic on American aviation are demanding that traditional assumptions be examined in detail. That’s where we come in.