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Now! Subscriptions available for weekly banner ads and full sponsorships at the industry’s most incisive trend and research vision letter.

Boyd Group International’s Touch & Go is your opportunity to get front and center with the decision-makers in aviation. Each week, your message is right there for the over 500 leaders who receive the letter every Saturday. This includes C-level executives, planning managers, financial entities as well as key media.

The over 500 aviation leaders on the T&G distribution will get a clear picture of your airport or organization. Clear because it’s your own message. And it is very cost-effective.

Your Message Right In Front of Aviation Decision MakersThe Touch & Go delivers exposure to aviation leaders every week. They’ll see your message, link to your website, and learn about your company, product or airport in a vision letter that has credibility and industry recognition.

Typical examples:

These are not to actual size. However, insertions in the T&G are completely across the page.

Think about your message – again, right in front of over 500 aviation decision-makers, from the planning offices to C-level executive suites.

Rotate Your Message! This is your space, and it’s intended to be anything but static.

A subscription includes the ability to insert new messages weekly!

  • Outline your airport’s benefits.
  • Do a weekly update.
  • Illuminate your coming event.
  • For suppliers, outline your services, your new research paper, your new associates. Make the reader want to see your ad every week. And because it will be linked to your website, these aviation leaders have immediate access to your organization!

This Is Your Opportunity To Be Part of The Most Incisive Futurist Source of Aviation Research. Since its inception in 2019, the Touch & Go has established itself as the go-to, no nonsense, cut-to-the-chase vision letter covering key trends emerging and affecting the entire aviation field. Reviews of fleet trends, shifts in ULCC strategies, emergence of the AAM concept, and commentary on just-in aviation events, and more.

At the end of every week, aviation leaders will again be exposed to your organization. Why at the end of the week? Because we’ve found that industry leaders really do check their emails all through the weekend, when there’s much less competing email “clutter.” The message gets across!

The Touch & Go is not a compendium of aviation news. Instead it delivers new thought-perceptions on issues affecting the industry. We provide insight. The T&G is essentially research that sparks new thinking and new visions.

To review an actual recent T&G, click here. Touch & Go dives into new ideas and concepts every Saturday, with BGI’s unique take on industry trends. From the latest Airports:USA® forecasts to fleet news, to emerging airline strategies, Touch & Go is where ideas begin in aviation intelligence.

Your airport or organization can be a part of this.

Less Expense Than A Speed-Date Conference, But More Exposure. Take a look. For airports, a 13-week banner ad subscription costs about the same as sending a staff member to a single speed date convention, but has direct exposure to top airline management – every week.

Now, Through June! Introductory Rates. We’d suggest you reserve your space now, as insertions are limited.

Reserve now for intro rates. And remember that you have the option of changing your insertion weekly, if you wish.

Outline of A BGI Partnership

Acceptance. All are welcome at the T&G. Airports, airlines, suppliers, law firms, and aviation consultants, too.  Because spaces are limited, we suggest you contact us soon.

Content. You provide the PNG camera-ready insertion. For banner ads it needs to be 1000-px x 250-px.  A Sponsorship is 1000px x 500-px. In addition, the display will be linked to your website.

Placement. There are a maximum of two Sponsor ads, with placement immediately at the top of the Touch & Go. Banner ads are inserted between articles to assure reader awareness.

Representations And Results. A sponsorship will expose your organization to a wide range of aviation leaders. However, BGI makes no representation or warranty regarding results of a banner or sponsorship.

But the space is yours. It’s messaging that you determine.

The Touch & Go Program is based on a first come, first served registration.

Click here to start & get in front of leaders across the industry. We can have you with the program in minutes. Just note on the contact page that you’re interested in getting exposure across aviation in the most incisive aviation commentary and information programs in the industry.

We look forward to working with you!