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Introductory Rates In Effect To July 1, 2024!

Acceptance. All are welcome at the T&G. Airports, airlines, suppliers, law firms, and aviation consultants, too.  Because spaces are limited, we suggest you reserve your space now.

Content. You provide the PNG camera-ready insertion. For banner ads it needs to be 1000-px x 250-px.  A Sponsorship is 1000px x 500-px. In addition, the display will be linked to your website.

Please email your camera-ready insertions

Website: Please enter the website you wish to link to. Typically it would be your organization's basic site. However, it can be linked to any site, including ones specifically promoting a product, service or event.

Placement. There are a maximum of two Sponsor ads, with placement immediately at the top of the Touch & Go. Banner ads are inserted between articles to assure reader awareness.

Timing: We can have your insertion in the next Touch & Go if the camera-ready insertion is received by the prior Wednesday.

Payment: Upon receipt of your order, we will invoice you, with payment required within 15 days.

Content: It is up to you. Just remember that the objective is to get a message across in a limited space. Hit on key points or issues you want to get across. Remember, you can link the ad to your website, so make that a key point.





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