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A New Future Demands New Solutions

A Different Approach For The New Air Transportation Environment

Boyd Group International Is Different – By Design. We are the leader in independent research and analysis of air service and airport trends.

We’re studying and researching aviation issues on an on-going basis. We know the aviation trends in every region of the  nation. What that means is when our clients call, we’re ready with the knowledge and expertise necessary. Remember, the media, congress, and industry organizations call on BGI for input and commentary on aviation matters for two reasons. First, we’re better informed on the latest trends than any other consulting firm.  Second,  we provide unique insights that address the future.

Aviation Consulting and Strategic Planning

BGI has emerged as the leader in delivering futurist, tailored consulting and research in a wide range of disciplines.

Take a look at our Global Expertise list of projects. Because we are a research firm first and consultants as a result, our expertise is applied to virtually all areas of strategic and future planning. We’ve accomplished market feasibility analyses, assisting clients such as Embraer in the ERJ and the 170/190 platform development. We’ve delivered hard futurist demand analyses for light aircraft manufacturers. Component manufacturers have called on us to review the potential for future product lines. Airports seek long term strategic insight.

Our forecast base has assisted airlines, airports, aviation suppliers and aircraft manufacturers in defining opportunities and challenges across the globe.

If you have a tough aviation challenge, get the tough aviation expertise of Boyd Group International. Just give us a call.


Economic Impact Studies – Get The Real Metrics

Knowing the true regional economic impact of an airport is a very useful tool to assure positive public perception and convince other governmental entities of the value of the airport in the region’s economy.

Utilizing its extensive internal databases, along with industry-standard tools such as IMPLAN, The Boyd Group helps airports gain a clear picture of its current and future impact on the region it serves.

An Economic Impact Study from Boyd Group Ingternational provides your airport with a data road map – where the jobs are, where the strength of your airport is, and where opportunities exist for new ventures that can strengthen the financial underpinnings of your facility.

Just hit the Contact tab, and we’ll get right back to you.


Airport/Community Team Building

What are airlines going to do, post-Covid?”

“How come fares are so high?”

“Why don’t we have a low fare carrier?”

“Why do I have to drive over two hours to another airport to get a good fare?”

“Why isn’t the airport doing anything to fix this?”

It’s a rare and lucky airport director who hasn’t heard these types of questions.

Sometimes they aren’t questions. They’re  accusations. The hard realities of air service – particularly at mid-size and smaller communities – are often difficult for consumers to understand. They see all the news about low fare carriers and wonder why fares at the local airport are “so high” and service levels are “so low.” The result is community confusion and often civic anger aimed squarely at the airport.

Boyd Group International has developed a successful program that airports across the nation have found successful in not only dealing with this situation, but in turning these civic energies into positive efforts for the airport. It’s called Community Team Building. With the on-going changes at airlines due to the China-Covid pandemic, this is more important than ever.

CTB is an informational program delivered digitally or on-site at your community by air service experts from Boyd Group International. In a compelling and often entertaining presentation, it relates the specific challenges your airport faces in regard to emerging trends in air service. We review the new economics of air service, changes in airline fleets, competitive strategies at specific carriers, and what the community can expect in the future.

CTB covers all the bases and answers the tough questions. When we’re done, your community has a clear view of what can be done, what can’t, and how citizens can rally behind their local airport.

Give us a call and let us discuss your specific airport’s issues and how a tailored CTB can turn criticism into enthusiastic support.


Air Access Planning

Boyd Group International stands out from other  consultants.

We’re known for often turning down air service development projects.

The reason is simple: we are focused on results, not wishful thinking, or “piñata projects” where communities blindfolded at imaginary airline service. Our ongoing research in all areas of aviation gives us the insight to assist clients in realistic planning for air service access. Most other consultants will willingly take such projects when the know, or should know, the objective is impossible due to simply to the fact that there are no airlines that would have any earthly interest in serving the intended airport or intended route.

When we take on an air service access project, the client knows we deliver straight talk. No “true market studies” when any professional would know there is no airline for the market. No “leakage analyses” when the truth is that the traffic supposedly “leaking” is due to consumers accessing far better air service than the local market could ever support.

So, if you’re looking for a plan, give us a call and we can talk. We take on only a select number of air service clients.


Master Plan Forecasts

Too many airport master plans are accessorized with forecasts that are essentially throw-away data and which have little relationship to the real airline and traffic trends of the future.

The unrivaled forecasting expertise of The Boyd Group helps clients develop accurate traffic, operations, and revenue projections. Not re-hashed DOT data, but direct and forthright forecasts that reflect the trends and the emerging challenges that airports will need to deal with in the future.

Our services are tailored to the needs of each specific client. Call or e-mail us for more information.\