Representative Project Experience

Tackling Tough Challenges… Optimizing Opportunities

Since 1984, Boyd Group International has been at the forefront of aviation research and consulting.

We believe that consultants must be experts in their chosen field, with insights and perspectives that can propel clients ahead, solve tough problems and be an available asset when opportunities arise.

Careful Client Consultations Before Any Project Is Undertaken. Boyd Group International carefully reviews air service projects and engages in discussions with the client regarding the viability of any proposed new air service. Airline strategies, competition from other airports, local industries, traffic history, and other factors are carefully reviewed in advance. In some cases, we advise the client not to proceed if the prospects for success are low. This separates us from other consultants.

Our analytical research and forecasting expertise have drawn clients from all sectors of aviation. Here are just a few projects that demonstrate when our clients call, we’re ready.

Airport Consulting Assistance

Our forecast and industry research have delivered innovative results for our airport clients…

Domestic Air Service Access Recruitment

At BGI, we’ve assisted airports of all sizes in recruiting additional air service.

From Bangor to Bozeman, and from Spokane to Sarasota and over the last 40 years at airports in between, it’s Boyd Group International that’s delivered for our air service clients.

What sets us apart today is that we recognize that the post-Covid airline industry is structurally different. Airlines have new strategies, and just doing expensive “Market Studies” or “Leakage Analyses” are generating metrics for an air transportation system that no longer exists.

For this reason, our unique expertise in the area of monitoring airline strategic directions, including fleet trends, allows us to advise client up front whether an intended route and market proposal has a reasonable chance of success. The role of a consultant is guidance, not generating invoices

International Air Service Recruitment

International traffic research and forecasting has been a core part of our practice. But we pursue these projects based on futurist traffic and consumer trends.

New Approaches For Trans-Atlantic Service. For example, Boyd Group assisted in recruiting British Airways service new Orleans – London. Our approach was to demonstrate to the carrier that MSY would be a regional collection point, with the Interstate highway system feeding flights from a wide geographic area, even from cities where connecting service was present… the nonstop had draw power.

Identifying New Latin American Markets. BGI identified the increased population in-migration from central America and near Latin America, convincing Copa to add flights to Panama.

Development of Caribbean Service. Boyd Group International accomplished the successful recruitment of American Airlines as the first international service to the nation of St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

Futurist Airport Forecast Planning – Neom Project, Saudi Arabia. Boyd Group International was engaged to assist in exploration of futurist air service and airport processing concepts for Neom, an innovative city of the future being constructed in Saudi Arabia.

In this project, all traditional concepts of the airport/airline/consumer relationships were put aside, and a clean sheet approach to all functions and inter-functions was pursued.

Global Airliner & Fleet Feasibility Forecasting

BGI’s aviation research experience has affected air transportation.

From the first independent analyses of the potential for what evolved into “regional jets,” to working with Embraer in defining the feasibility for a platform that is today the E175-195 program, to global forecast for investors in a planned aircraft series, BGI has the global market understanding to guide clients.

More recently, it was Boyd Group International that was one of the first to recognize the potential of new-generation supersonic airliners. We were among the first to showcase and provide global forecasts for the Boom Overture airliner, which has now been ordered by airlines such as United and Japan Airlines.

The worldwide demand for airliners has been a key part of our business. Boyd Group International accomplished the in-depth analyses necessary to present a case for E.U. Competition Commission to approve a loan from the German government to open a turboprop airline production facility. The granular factors involved in global airliner and supply chain effects were clearly delivered.

Today, this has evolved into Deutsche Aircraft, producing a new generation 30-32 seat turboprop.

Feasibility Analysis: New Asian Airline

For a major financial client, Boyd Group International accomplished an entire route and market plan for operation in a Middle East nation. This included developing market projections for city pairs in remote and unserved regions of the nation.

The firm identified core commercial and economic drivers in different parts of the country, and prepared a comprehensive granular business plan for the client.

The carrier is pending political developments in the target nation.

Expertise In China Air Traffic

Regardless of geopolitical developments, China remains the #2 global economy.Today, it’s more important than ever to have a grasp on where aviation is headed in the Middle Kingdom.

BGI is the only American consulting firm to independently develop forecasts for airports in China.

The firm’s Airports:China program monitors traffic, capacity and airline shifts in the Middle Kingdom. With the near-chaos developing in the Chinese air transportation system due to Covid and to major economic issues, the firm is closely watching and monitoring how this will affect areas such as airliner and aircraft support demand in the future.

BGI also participated in the first China Aviation Fuel Conference and Exposition held in Beijing in 2012. The event – organized by Armbrust Aviation – drew over 2,000 attendees from across China and Asia. The program was an enormous success. However, due to that success, the Chinese promoters reneged on their partnership agreement and opted to proceed in future years on their own, which resulted in failure.

In 2016, BGI participated in developing China NiHao, LLC., which provided assistance to airports and venues in the USA in implementing systems to welcome the then over 3 million leisure visitors from China. Unfortunately, geopolitical events and the massive spread of the CCP-Covid pandemic has almost completely eliminated these flows.

Nevertheless, BGI remains active in monitoring and following events affecting both domestic and international air traffic affecting China.