Accelerating The Future


Optimizing The Future In the Post-Covid Economy For All USA Airports

Announcing our exclusive Runway To The Future Program. It is based on new emerging aviation logistics – at all levels and applications. The forecast expertise of Boyd Group International will deliver a clear understanding of the fact that maximizing the economic value of airports goes way beyond just scheduled airline flights.

It’s A New Aviation Industry. Here’s a fact – the air transportation and aviation logistics systems as we knew them before CCP-Covid are gone… The economic roles of airports – from global mega-hubsites to small rural airports – have changed. And so, too have the future opportunities changed.

This means traditional airport economic planning needs to adjust. At Boyd Group International, we are at the forefront of identifying the new directions in this exciting new future.

Yesterday Is Gone… Tomorrow Is Here. Past metrics and past approaches to airport strategic planning no longer apply… airports must understand and adjust to a whole new aviation and air service environment in order to assure a strong future.

You Need Futurist Vision. Not A History Lesson. Airports large and small need to recognize that the traditional economic roles of their facilities have changed.

It’s more than the objective of scheduled air service, which, in some cases for some airports, the new economics severely limit or completely eliminate. Such a situation is merely a clear indication that other economic roles for an airport can be pursued.

What that means is that a traditional “true market study” will illuminate an airline system and consumer focus that no longer exist. Particularly for smaller airports, these types of analyses ignore the new structure and the new economics of air transportation. Typically, too, they ignore one key factor: the consumer. Regardless of civic pride,regardless of non-scientific web surveys, consumers will utilize air transportation options that meet their needs most effectively.

The point is that changes in transportation logistics now represent new potential opportunities for airports – including small rural facilities.

We Deliver A Futurist Plan For Our Client Airports

Runway to The Future combines a clear forecast of the emerging aviation dynamics as they will affect your airport. This is based on Boyd Group International’s unrivaled expertise in identifying new aviation trends.

We start by imparting a clear and concise picture of the new structure of U.S. air transportation and logistics, and then relate it to specifically what your airport faces in the future. No sugar-coating. Just the hard facts – and some will be quite positive, by the way, particularly in the area of the new aviation applications and logistical trends.

Section One: National Aviation Trend Scenarios

We have seen the major changes in the airline system – new fleet mixes, different strategies, and adjustment to evolving consumer demand. But just as importantly, there have been shifts in the applications of aviation in other areas – particularly logistics and distribution. Anticipating and planning to accommodate these new opportunities must be a key focus of future airport strategic planning. Runway to The Future delivers this.

Section Two: Emerging Local Aviation Trends v Historical

Put that pre-Covid market study back on the shelf – or into the round file. It’s all about an air transportation system that no longer exists.

This is where the landing gear meets the runway. Our Runway To The Future program candidly reviews the economic role – and the potential economic roles – at your airport, and relates them to what is forecast to take place in the new environment.

We’ll relate current shifts in air service due to airline strategy changes, and candidly discuss how they will affect your community. We’ll relate the emerging trends in all areas of aviation as they relate to the regional economic opportunities that can be explored.

We do not focus on distant hypotheticals. Every airport must face the hard realities of competition from other airports, consumer convenience, cost of air service, and alternative communication and distribution channels.

Section Three: Trend Analyses & Forecast Scenarios – Short-term & Long Term

Boyd Group International is the leader in airport forecasting. Our Airports:USA® program relates all aspects of air traffic generation.

For airports currently with scheduled service and/or the potential of same, The Runway To The Future program will deliver a near-term forecast – month-by-month, out one year – to gain an understanding of what can be expected as the airline industry restructures. The long-term traffic and trend forecasts what is expected over the four years beyond the short-term projections, and will discuss known and expected strategic scenarios. Our Airports:USA forecast system – the only one accomplished entirely in the private sector, without any political intervention – is our clients’ advantage.

But beyond the single area of scheduled air service, Runway to The Future goes further. It delivers an outline of how the airport can take advantage of its specific characteristics to become a part of the emerging air logistics system that is developing across the nation. No airport is out of the running… except those that fail to plan.

Areas explored include:

  • Potential and scope for additional air cargo logistics;
  • Potential of development of regional distribution facilities, based on population, economic factors and other competing options;
  • Review of current industrial base of the airport, and exploration of potential for expansion;
  • Recommendations of how the airport can take advantage of national and regional economic and population migration shifts accelerated by changes driven by the Covid pandemic.

Section Four: Strategic Blueprint

From these data, Boyd Group International will assist in developing and crafting your airport’s comprehensive strategic and tactical future development program. We will discuss each opportunity within the real context of the future aviation system.

No other source can deliver this level of forecast expertise – which will cut through the hype and deliver hard facts and projections which are critical to airport planning in the new environment.

Section Five: Community Update Presentations

The future will be different from what is traditionally expected. Therefore, it is critical that the community be aware of the new dynamics that are part of the local airport.

Therefore, the Runway To The Future Program includes the delivery of a comprehensive community presentation that will outline the findings and forecasts of the project.

The format can be on-site or be provided electronically, for up to 100 attendees, and allowing robust interaction and Q&A. The goal is to bring to the fore what the community can expect in the near term and how individuals can rally behind the airport in these tough times as well as in the future.

A Complete Opportunities Vision For Your Airport –
Based Professional Futurist Analyses

The Runway To The Future Program includes comprehensive data and analyses that will give an independent perspective from the leader in aviation trend forecasting – Boyd Group International.

Don’t wait… the future is now different… Your planning needs to be so, also.

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