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Every week, usually on Friday, (or when an event in the industry occurs that demands discussion) join us for an a short but incisive 8 to 15 minute dive into emerging  aviation issues that are shaping the future.

Aviation Unscripted delivers insights and perspectives that other consulting and research firms actually try to avoid, lest they appear to be out of the accepted consensus of industry thinking. But that’s where the future is, and where Boyd Group International has been for almost four decades.

Hear From Industry Leaders. Plus, our exclusive Vox Deorum series, where from time to time we do unscripted discussions with Key Thought Leaders in aviation. No trendy thinking, just new perspectives that challenge (threaten?) the status quo.

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Note; Aviation Unscripted is published on our Rumble channel of the same name and is also distributed through a number of other outlets. We no longer directly post on YouTube, as we find that channel’s censorship and proven intent to muzzle free speech not to be consistent with integrity and ethics.