Biometric Airport Processing

It’s here. Using facial recognition to process through airports. Delta is implementing it at one terminal at ATL. American and JetBlue are pursuing it. Hertz, too.

Starting a new age of Big Brother? The start of what China is (unfortunately) pursuing – a complete on-going social scorecard, monitored by the government, based on a national ID card?

No… it’s really just replacing paper and using data that’s already recorded. BGI’s Mike Boyd recently spoke with CNBC on the subject. Click here & take a look.

Small Community Air Service Grant Program

The DOT has advised us that the docket for the 2018 Small Community Air Service Development Grant program (SCASD) won’t be issued before Christmas.

That means that the 2018 program will likely be in 2019… Gives an indication of the level of importance the program holds at the DOT.

In the meantime, if your community is considering filing a grant application, click here for our Guide To The SCASD Program. We’ve won more SCASD grant dollars than any other consulting firm.

Harlingen Moves Closer To Be Dominant Airport In Rio Grande Valley

Frontier Airlines new service to Valley International Airport is off to an incredible traffic start, with flights to DEN and ORD.

The airline took note that HRL is the one airport that can – and does – capture all of the traffic in the Rio Grande Valley, with easy access from McAllen, Brownsville, and South Padre Island.

At Boyd Group International, we’re working hard on assisting the airport with innovative approaches to demonstrate how much more traffic-convenient and cost-efficient Valley International is for both airlines and consumers,

Springfield-Branson Hits Seven Digit Traffic

This week Springfield-Branson National Airport will welcome its one-millionth passenger in 2018.

We’d note that this is just the start, and Boyd Group International is honored to have worked with SGF in developing effective air service access strategies.

Congratulations To Traverse City

United has announced that it will implement nonstops between Denver and Traverse City this summer.

We’re honored to have been able to work with TVC in crafting the strategy to demonstrate to United how this market can be contributory to its Denver system.

More Russian Airliner Realities

Following from the November 26 Monday Update, there have been ten more 100-seat Sukhoi SSJ airliners officially “stored.”

Interjet of Mexico now has 6 parked. Two smaller Russian airlines have put two each off on the storage ramp. These are pretty expensive assets to be just collecting dust.

The challenge these Russian airliners face is being able to have the tech and parts support they need. Same with the Chinese airliners being developed. In a very tight market, more “me-too” designs are not going to get much attention outside of captive airlines and a few others looking for airplane deals. Unfortunately, that’s going to be the case with the Russian MC-21 and the Chinese C919. Nothing new to see here, folks. Move along.

For mainline jet airliners, it’s game-set-match for Airbus and Boeing.

STL Is A Connecting Hub Again

Thanks to Southwest’s build up at STL, the airport back in the ranks of the other 23 US hubsites.

WN has connected passengers at STL continuously for the past ten years at low percentages, but in the last two, it has concentrated on adding connectivity, which is now over the Airports:USA threshold definition of 25% of passengers at the airport being flow traffic.

Boyd Group International’s Airports:USA is the only enplanement forecasts accomplished entirely in the private sector, covering 146 airports. More information can be found at

DOT Small Community Air Service Grant Program

We’re expecting the DOT to issue the docket shortly for the 2018 SCASD program.

While the program is poorly funded, a successful grant application can be a catalyst to address an airport’s air service deficiencies.

BGI-crafted applications have won more money under this program than any other consultant.

If you’re thinking of applying for a grant, we have a special Guide To Filing A Successful SCASD Application. Click Here. 

And then give us a call.

Can’t Wait For The Advertising Program

He completely subjugated populations of entire cities. Or, worse.

He gained great fame for pillaging whole regions, from eastern Europe all the way to Korea.

He brooked no nonsense from his subordinates – or his competition, both of whom usually ended up in some form of untimely and usually innovative demise or another.

So, with all this, he’s a natural guy to represent an airline.

That’s right, that famous paragon of warm customer service, Genghis Khan, will have his own airline next year, based in the China Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia.

The advertising program should be a real hoot… “We plunder low fares…” or, “Our service terrifies the competition … and our customers, too…”

Or, the inflight announcements… “Put your seats and tray tables in the full and upright position…disobey, and you’ll be most regretful…”

And, as a regional touch, they’ll probably allow Mongolian war ponies as emotional support animals in the cabins, too.

They have 25 ARJ-21s on order.