Can’t Wait For The Advertising Program

He completely subjugated populations of entire cities. Or, worse.

He gained great fame for pillaging whole regions, from eastern Europe all the way to Korea.

He brooked no nonsense from his subordinates – or his competition, both of whom usually ended up in some form of untimely and usually innovative demise or another.

So, with all this, he’s a natural guy to represent an airline.

That’s right, that famous paragon of warm customer service, Genghis Khan, will have his own airline next year, based in the China Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia.

The advertising program should be a real hoot… “We plunder low fares…” or, “Our service terrifies the competition … and our customers, too…”

Or, the inflight announcements… “Put your seats and tray tables in the full and upright position…disobey, and you’ll be most regretful…”

And, as a regional touch, they’ll probably allow Mongolian war ponies as emotional support animals in the cabins, too.

They have 25 ARJ-21s on order.