SCASD Docket Issued

DOT has finally issued the docket for the 2018/19 Small Community Air Service Development Program.

Following a GAO audit, the DOT has fuzzied the grant award criteria, now stating that they might allow grants for competing with incumbents (do not hold your breath), and allowance to apply for the same type of grant previously awarded.

The misconception that a SCASD can be used to “lower ‘higher than average’ fares” is still in the docket, even though that’s something that a grant has no chance of achieving at a small community – and hasn’t in the last ten years.

A community can apply for a new SCASD grant, even if it has a current one in place. It just needs to disavow the former grant.

Funding is $12.5 million… filing date deadline 7/15/19… same level of complex on-line filing.

If you’re interested in exploring the potential for a SCASD grant, give us an email… unlike other consultants, we do tell potential clients whether it makes sense or not – before we take the project. It’s the reason we’ve turned down projects in the past.

For straight talk, and a review of the new award criteria, click here to down load Boyd Group International’s Guide To SCASD Grant FilingIt will give an idea regarding how BGI has won more SCASD dollars than any other consultant.