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Any organization that wants to showcase itself to industry leaders…

Airports… aviation suppliers… engineering & planning firms… aviation law firms… financial institutions will bring themselves front and center with the industry leaders who follow our three cutting-edge information channels – The Monday Insight, the Touch & Go newsletter, and the latest in aviation video updates – Aviation Unscripted.

Front & Center Twice A Week. A sponsorship delivers exposure to aviation leaders at least twice weekly. They’ll see your advertisement, link to your website, plus get to hear your own message, delivered on our bi-weekly Aviation Unscripted video channel!

Here’s how:

Every Monday Morning you’ll be in front of aviation leaders who start their workweeks with our Monday Insight. Published since 1997, it’s a thought-leading staple for new perspectives, and current issues commentary. BGI is alone among consultants in maintaining independent aviation research, and it’s reflected by the past 25 years of publishing the Monday Insight.

Your advertisement – a 400 x 250 px graphic provided by you – with a link to your website – will rotate adjacent to the Monday Insight, with maximum visibility to attract the attention of the wide array of aviation professionals who seek out the page every Monday. They’ll take notice. Charge for a 6-month subscription: $2,250.

At the end of every week, aviation leaders will again be exposed to your organization. Why end of the week? Because we’ve found that industry leaders really do check their emails at the end of the week, and all through the weekend, when there’s much less message “clutter.” The message gets across!

Established in 2019, our Touch & Go Newsletter is a brief and incisive strategic review of key emerging trends in aviation, and is distributed to over 550 decision makers across the industry. Your organization can hop right on.

Touch & Go dives into new ideas and concepts everyFriday, with BGI’s unique take on industry trends. From the latest Airports:USA® forecasts to fleet news, to emerging airline strategies, Touch & Go is where ideas begin in aviation intelligence. Your company can be a part of this.

Your banner advertisement is prominently displayed, along with a link to your website. A 6-month subscription is $3,250. If combined with the Monday Insight, the rate is just $4,250 for 6-months.

Every other Thursday, but more often as aviation issues come to light, the Aviation Unscripted video report is between 7 and 15 minutes of insight, data and perspectives. It’s immediate no-nonsense video exploration of issues that most other sources won’t touch.

Aviation Unscripted videos deliver thought-leadership reviews of the futurist trends facing aviation. Hot button issues that challenge ambient thinking and consensus perspectives.

Interviews With Industry Thought Leaders. From time to time, the Unscripted focuses on inciteful discussions with people shaping the industry. Like Blake Scholl, the CEO and founder of Boom Supersonic. Or Larry Krauter, a strong voice for advanced futurist airport development. Or the CEO of Southwest. These features raise the profile of your organization.

As a sponsor, your organization will be introduced at the start and at the end of every video. It will showcase you as a leader in the industry. 

Your organization’s 400 x 250 px advertisement is displayed, along with an opening announcement. Plus, the videos with your advertisement are posted on our channel library for the entire calendar period of your sponsorship. The 6-month subscription is $5,250.

New! Premium Sponsorship gives you a 45 second window during the break in the Unscripted, where we will insert your own promotional video. Want top level exposure? This is it.

You can provide the content as you see fit. Viewers will get the picture… your picture. The additional subscription fee for 6-months is $2,500, or total of $7,750 for intro and exit advertisement and announcement and your mid-presentation video. We limit the premium video sponsorship to only a single client per 6-month period.

 The Benefits of Being Part of The BGI Information System

Exposure & Industry Awareness.  Your organization is displayed on today’s three most incisive aviation information channels, which are referred to by industry leaders across the industry. No other source can get you front-and-center with these leaders more cost-effectively than Boyd Group International.

Remember, too, the subjects covered in the Aviation Unscripted series are ones that industry experts access throughout the year. They videos are displayed permanently on our exclusive Rumble channel, there for the industry to access.

Conditions & Requirements of A BGI Partnership

Acceptance. Boyd Group International has the option of accepting or turning down sponsors, based on its determination whether there may be conflicts of interest. We want to promote our sponsors, and therefore, we have the option of deciding if a new sponsor may conflict with our existing sponsors. Because Sponsorships are limited, we suggest you contact us soon.

Frequency. The Monday Insight is posted each Monday. The Touch & Go is scheduled to post at the end of each week. The Aviation Unscripted videos are loaded every other Thursday. The exact posting time during the day may vary, and we expect Aviation Unscripted videos from time to time to be posted more frequently.

Content. A Premium Aviation Unscripted Sponsorship, which provides you with a 45 second window to promote your organization on non-Vox Deorum episodes, is a great opportunity. So, we encourage content that directs readers/viewers to take action… to visit your website, promote your market programs, or even if you want to make offers of special services or products. Think as innovatively as you see fit.  If you have legitimate achievements, or cutting-edge products or services, do not hesitate to illuminate them as appropriate and as is possible in the context of the sponsorship.

Please remember that Boyd Group International is not like YouTube or Facebook, and therefore for Premium Sponsorship subscribers providing their own break videos, we encourage direct and hard-hitting content from Sponsors. Please, tell it like you see it. Controversial is okay and actually encouraged when it sparks debate and discussion. However, we reserve the right to reject any input that may be blatantly offensive or inaccurate. That is not likely, but it needs to be stated.

This is your opportunity to showcase your organization.

Representations And Results. A sponsorship will expose your organization to a wide range of aviation leaders. However, BGI makes no representation or warranty regarding results of a sponsorship.

The Boyd Group Sponsorship Program is based on a first come, first served registration.

Click here, we can have you with the program in minutes. Just note on the contact page that you’re interested in getting exposure across aviation in the most incisive aviation commentary and information programs in the industry.

We look forward to working with you!