Monday Update – September 5, 2022

US Labor Day Edition

In recognition of the Labor Day Holiday, we’ll be back next week with a complete Update. Lots of things to discuss, including the expected decline in capacity at key areas in the 4th quarter.

Also Next Week:

Get Ready For Some Heresy.
Truth, But It’s Coming This Fall.

One will be the recent DeFacto permanent lock-in of a fundamental “pilot shortage” affecting network-airline service access cuts at small and mid-size airports. “Lock-in” because there has been a permanent and almost snap change to the labor costs that won’t revert.

When base compensation at small lift lessors like Mesa go up over 100% for Captains, and nearly 200% for first officers, these silly veneer media articles implying that loss of small community air service is just a body count issue are stripped bare of any factual value.

Communities need to shift their economic growth focus. Regardless, all the king’s horses and all the boilerplate consultant studies won’t put this air transportation Humpty-Dumpty back together.

Log on next Monday.


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