Monday Insight – September 6, 2021

The Monday Insight is observing the U.S. Labor Day holiday,
and will return next week.

Be Sure To Join Us… here’s what we’re looking at:

Boeing: We’ll be reviewing the situation at Boeing and how it may affect the U.S. economy… the nation’s single largest manufacturing exporter appears to be cut out of China for single-aisle airliners, has just lost a potential huge order (pro-tem?) for 737MAX-10s from Ryan Air, and now reports upwards of $25 billion tied up in @ 100 parked & undelivered 787s due to concerns of quality control issues that are being investigated. What this may mean to the U.S. airline industry will be explored.

China & Taiwan & Louisville: Now that China believes it has a clear picture of the quality of the folks directing the U.S. military, due to the Afghanistan debacle, there are increased incursions into the Taiwan air defense zone. Toss in major political and economic challenges for the president of China, which may encourage a big political stunt, and the combination may result in the criminal leadership of China attempting a quick invasion of Taiwan.

If that happens, plan on a major economic plunge and a resulting decimation of air traffic demand. We’ll explain how a CCP landing Kaohsiung would almost immediately affect the traffic at Knoxville, and how U.S. regions with strong China-owned commercial operations may be in for some unexpected economic turbulence.

The Latest Airports:USA 4Q Traffic Projections. Mixed signals. Hawaii has essentially put out a “Do Not Enter” sign just at the time when it is hugely situated in regard to new consumer spend projections. Points in the E.U. are seeing an uptick in the CCP-Covid spread, while Denmark has reportedly dropped all CCP-Covid restrictions. And, of course there is the CCP in China which has declared they have the disease under complete control, with no new infections late last week… out of over a billion people. All of this will affect air service demand internationally and in the USA. We’ll deliver some details.

Follow-up 9/11: Where The Nation’s Security Really Stands. How the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is covered in the media, particularly in regard to how AVSEC has been handled in the last two decades, will give some strong indication of how aware the nation really is in regard to terrorist threats.

Already, the administration is playing political games, claiming that the real danger is from “domestic” terrorists, with zero real data to back it up.

That is completely consistent with the incompetence in allowing the recent influx of over 100,000 largely unvetted and unidentified people from a terror-generating Afghanistan.

So far, it is not encouraging… there have been lots of veneer media pap stories on “how 9/11 has changed how we travel” – but almost none independently investigating what’s actually been done in regard to national security, not just AVSEC, since then.

To read this sunshine, we have no real threats… our Department of Homeland Security is on the case.

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