Monday Insight – February 6, 2023

Forecast: Potential Trans-Pacific Traffic Free Fall

There’s no point in trying to dodge the facts.

This Chinese balloon incident has set in motion a set of game-changing dynamics that may soon affect trans-Pacific air travel.

Like, putting traffic into a free-fall. Starting now.

This was a hostile attack by a Chinese military aircraft. It is just that simple. The CCP has gained not just potential military data, but in effect just did a dry run to discover how the people running the USA will react in time of crisis. They now have a good idea.

Events in Asia may be coming in rapid short order that will affect the entire USA air transportation system.

A Chinese Intelligence Coup.  Boyd Group International is a leader in research regarding China. There are a lot of moving parts here beyond just a balloon. The combination of what the Chinese actually learned from this event, plus the internal political and economic turmoil facing the people in Beijing, things in Asia could get really unstable, really fast.

Time For Some Blunt Talk. Enough here. The latest Aviation Unscripted research video delivers a view of what US carriers need to prepare for regarding trans-Pacific travel demand. Bottom line: US airlines planning more nonstops to China may want to rethink their fleet applications.

If you’re interested in a snapshot of what we can expect and why, click here and join us at Aviation Unscripted.

Don’t expect any punches to be pulled. Invest just seven minutes for some candid, no sugar-coat facts that we can no longer ignore.