China – US Aviation Data – The New, Independent Source. We’re excited to introduce a new website that delivers data, perspectives and forecasts of the aviation industry in China. Incorporating our exclusive Airports:China suite of information, this is the place to get straight talk and information.

The First True China Aviation Analytical Website

Keep Up With China – Log On To hUp until now, direct, no-nonsense aviation information on China has been hard to find. Now, there is a new source –

This will be the source of updated perspectives regarding China’s aviation and airline sector. It will be the gateway to forecasts, commentary, and zero political correctness in regard to issues surrounding China-U.S. industry issues.

We extensively access data and information sources, including Chinese-language reports issued by CAAC and other entities in the Middle Kingdom.

Log on, and if you’re interested in following China aviation, subscribe.

Global Focus = Global Future

This is a global economy. Whatever area of aviation you’re in, it’s a world-wide marketplace, with commensurate challenges and opportunities. BGI assists clients in building a wider understanding and deeper set of perspectives of how this will dictate new planning paths.

Think Global. Not Local.

Every airport in the US represents potential – because, regardless of size or role, airports are a logistics-system opportunity.

Boyd Group International is at the forefront of the issue of UAS systems and their future effects on opening all airports – particularly rural facilities – to the globe.

Let Boyd Group International partner with you to find the right strategic approach to building your airport’s future.

It’s Our Forecast Expertise That Makes The Difference

The foundation of Boyd Group International is our depth of expertise in all areas of aviation forecasting.

Airport traffic & trends. Aircraft and airliner demand. New strategies in all corners of the industry. This futurist view is what makes our events the most valuable in aviation.

Business Intelligence Delivered

The IAFS – Insight & Data Not Available Anywhere Else

The International Aviation Forecast Summit has delivered futurist forecasts and trend projections for over two decades. At Boyd Group International, we don’t shy away from producing forecasts and research that tell the facts as they are – regardless of “consensus thinking.” It’s the reason aviation leaders join us year after year. Join your colleagues this year at the Wynn Las Vegas, August 26-29!

Regardless of Size, All Airports Are Part of The Global Economy

For decades, BGI has been alone in recognizing the impact of the global economy on US communities. We’ve been at the forefront of illuminating that US communities are dependent on international trade. A clear plan for international airline access is a critical part of any long term air service planning. BGI is your competitive asset in this dynamic.

Every Challenge Brings Opportunity

Today, every part of the U.S. aviation industry needs to re-think, re-plan, and re-strategize.

Our focus is on working with clients to develop not just new thinking, but new perspectives in regard to the future. The devastating effects of the pandemic on American aviation are demanding that traditional assumptions be examined in detail. That’s where we come in.

Airport Master Plan Forecasts

Boyd Group International’s exceptional understanding of aviation trends provides the expertise to deliver Scenario/Reality-Based forecasts for airport Master Plans. With all the changes and evolution (revolution?) in the industry, traditional trend-lined. econometric-based methodologies are not only out of data, but deliver inaccurate projections. Let BGI show you how we’re the new standard in Master Plan forecasting. MORE>>

After The Webinar, Let’s Talk

The Aviation Insight Series will deliver a monthly, interactive webinar on emerging trends in aviation. These showcase the futurist perspectives that we deliver to our clients, across the spectrum of the industry. Feel free to contact us after the webinar with any follow-up questions or input. We would be honored to talk with you!