Monday Insight – September 9, 2019

The International Aviation Forecast Summit

Setting The Pace As the #1 Industry Forecast Event!

As hundreds of regular attendees will attest, the Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit is the one event that delivers data, perspectives and forecasts that gives them the competitive edge.

And 2019 raised the bar even further. We’ve posted a summary and lots of pictures on the Summit site (click below) – and our attendees can now pull down many of the presentations on the Summit app, including the Airports:USA enplanement forecasts and those delivered by IATA and A4A.

Our Thanks To All. We want to again thank all the participants and attendees that made this year’s IAFS a hge success.

This includes all of our sponsors and exhibitors, particularly our Platinum Sponsor Partners, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

For a review of the exciting areas explored with aviation thought-leaders, and pictures of the 2019 IAFS, click here.

Venue Selection 2020. We are now reviewing a number of potential candidate locations for next year, and will likely be announcing the winner after the first of the year.

The IAFS has also proven to deliver high profile for our host venues, including new conference business from attendee companies. Our 2015 Summit in LAS, for example, delivered earned media for the city approximating $2.8 million, and social media reach of 35.4 million. Other venues have seen repeat conference business from aircraft suppliers, directly due to the exposure generated at the IAFS.

We are honored for the attendance and support of the IAFS from across the industry and across the globe, and we’re planning an even more exciting event in 2020!