TSA Continues To Leave Us Vulnerable

According to leaks from the TSA, they’ve once again set records for massive security incompetence, with a report that tests to find weapons have come up croppers as much as 80% of the time.

We saw this two years ago, with 96% failure, and absolutely zero concern from the incompetent political hacks running this threat to security.

A year later, when the #2 at Homeland Security was asked if this had been corrected, the slug of protoplasm responded that he “didn’t know” – but he was sure it had gotten better.

Apparently not.

Keep in mind that the people in the blue shirts at airports across the country are NOT responsible for this… they are victims of sloppy and negligent security management, just as is the flying public. At least passengers don’t have the indignity of having to work for senior management idiots, as do the folks on the front lines of the TSA.

Let’s watch and see what the new administration does with this information. Under Bush and Obama, nobody cared. Or did anything.