Monday Insight – May 18, 2020

Before We Start This Week…

FAA’s 2020-2040 Aerospace Forecast – On Another Planet

It’s like arriving on July 5 for a Fourth of July party.

That’s pretty much what the just-released 20-year FAA Aerospace Forecast represents. It is a wonderfully comforting document, in that it lets us believe that all of the fundamental and structural changes we’ve seen in the last four months never happened.

This annual missive never has been too much connected to industry realities. But to issue a document that considers none of the major changes inflicted by the CCP-COVID over the last three months makes one wonder if there is a pulse at the FAA.

In this electronic age, there is no professional excuse.


Holding The Chinese Government Accountable – Beware!

The CCP Sternly Warns U.S. Citizens Against Engaging In Hooliganism

We are trying to find the Mandarin translation of the term “chutzpah.”

None of our dictionaries or Chinese friends can find a truly  appropriate equivalent.

But boy, the folks at the Chinese Communist Party – the un-elected thugs running China – have it running out their ears.

The CCP, facing a global backlash due to its criminal handling of the corona virus, is now on the offensive. They are “outraged” that anyone would dare accuse them and their toadies at the WHO of having any culpability for the pandemic.

And that’s where the chutzpah comes in.

Get this – the CCP has issued warnings that there will be ”painful counter measures” against U.S. individuals – the common folks in Spokane, or Grand Island or Utica  – who partake in any hooligan-type uproar, like lawsuits or other actions to hold the CCP accountable.

So, for the airports and communities who have been damaged by the CCP-COVID pandemic, you have been warned.  The billions of dollars in CCP-related investment in the U.S. are off-limits. Or else.

We could go into the details – again – of the timeline and events that clearly show that this pandemic came from Wuhan, and the CCP and the WHO covered it up until it popped up all over China and the world.

Airports across America are seeing empty concourses and almost zero passengers, entirely due to the malfeasance of the CCP in handling and covering up this virus. Our airline industry has been essentially choked of passengers. The economic damage is enormous. The billions in Chinese – actually, CCP – investment in the USA is in the legal crosshairs.

Now, the un-elected thugs in Beijing are threatening not only our government officials, but the man on the street, against having any thoughts of demanding accountability. Just like they do with their own citizens – obey or pay the consequences.

Can’t make this up. We cover it this week at Click here for a quick read on the details. Absolute chutzpah.

And check it out during the week for continued straight talk on the subject of the pandemic and its unfolding effects on the future of U.S. airports, airlines, and air traffic.