Monday Update – December 11, 2023

Mexicana –
Bringing Back The Good Old Days

Gee, most countries across the globe have ditched government-owned national airlines.

Almost universally, they degenerated into giant, inefficient empires providing financial cookie jars to scheming politicians and greedy union leaders.

But the president of Mexico is going in the opposite direction. He has a plan to start a new Mexicana – operated not just by the government, but by the Mexican Army.

Mexicana already has the traditional earmarks of a government-controlled airline. Confused planning. Repeated delays in key areas. Uncertain route system. On-again, off-again scheduling and bookings.

Actually, this is an achievement, particularly in light of the fact that the new Mexicana doesn’t even have airplanes yet.

Over the last few months, Mexicana has turned into the airline version of a children’s’ piñata party. Just keep whacking away at it.

Nothing much hit yet. But the party continues.

First, it was going to be ten 737-800s. Routes were announced. And then re-announced. And bookings taken. And then bookings were stopped.

Next the ten 737-800 fleet got kiboshed for some reason. So, the plan was to wet-leasing a couple of 50-seat ERJs. The potential markets were still not announced.

Now, it’s been reported that the new Mexicana will be operated with military aircraft, supposedly a couple of 737s, along with the two ERJs, pending more aircraft to be added. No further information, but the vision of C-130s with canvas-strap bucket seats comes to mind. Talk about the ability for fast turns – drop the tail gate and go.

Oh, yeah, the new start date of this Seargent Bilko International is three weeks from now. Supposedly.

At this point, what the president of Mexico needs to issue are pink slips to whoever the bureaucrats are running this embarrassing and denigrating gong-show.

If they don’t know how to start an airline, they have no business trying to run one.