Monday Insight – December 18, 2023

The Next Monday Insight will be posted Shortly!

In the meantime,



Air Service Development Realities Taking Over

2024: End of The Road For
Roller-Coasters & Rasputins

I am going to get into the sorry state of air service development.

But not until next week. I want to combine it with some other changes for 2024.

In the meantime, do give some thought to two concepts.

The first is a roller-coaster. What does it really deliver for the riders? People love it. Think about its utility and effectiveness as a transportation modality.

The second is a brilliant quack named Rasputin. He was worshiped by the by the Russian Royal Family who swooned on his every word, the expert of all. Rasputin was gifted in selling the Czar lots and lots of bogus information and instructions promising great things that mostly wasted money, and at the end of the day got His Highness whacked by a firing squad.

These two concepts and a lot of today’s air service development adventures have parallels.

There’s a lot in common.

We’ll elaborate next week.

In the meantime, think about it and what communities are facing in the coming year.


2024: Moving On

As another announcement, in 2024, the Monday Insight – published since 1997 weekly almost without fail – and our Touch&Go™ newsletter will be taking on some new directions.

One of those will be some collaboration (plotting?) with our colleague Bill Swelbar. We’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of our perspectives really aren’t iconoclastic, but more directly they are insights that over the years have proven pretty much on the money.

Heck, I appreciate the 2,600+ folks that follow my postings on Linkedin. However, Linkedin has become a confused gong show of lots and lots of input, some of it great, some of it strictly Peanut Gallery stuff. Not enough focus for me. Nor, I suspect for the two thousand plus aviation thinkers who link in.

So, as of January 1, I’ll be just posting links to our channels – The Monday Insight, the Touch & Go™, and our new-format Aviation Unscripted™ videos. (Which, unfortunately, will of necessity be posted on YouTube, a channel not too concerned with open thought, but it’s still the main gig.)

I’ll be posting access to these channels and would be honored if you all will join us.

We are moving on. Stay with us.