Monday Insight – May 23, 2022

Update! Delaware Still Isolated From The Globe!

Never has the loss of two weekly flights to Orlando caused more media tail-chasing.

It makes great headlines…

“Delaware The Only State Without Air Service!” or, another teaser, “Going to Delaware? You Can’t Fly There, Anymore.”

‘Course the headlines mislead the public by ignoring the fact that Philadelphia International is – and always has been – @ 30 minutes or less from Wilmington and delivers a couple hundred daily departures.

Another reason some sectors of the media simply cannot be trusted for facts.

Coming – Out Migrations of Business From West Coast –

Small Communities Get Ready

Seen the exciting news?

There’s a proposal in the California legislature to reset the work week to 32 hours, down from 40, but retaining 40 hours of pay. Progressive employers, according to the cognoscenti in power, should be thrilled.

See, it’ll allow working people to spend more time with their families, the politicians assure us. More leisure opportunities. Less stress. Working for a living is, well, so yesterday. Working families will just love it.

Not to mention they now may have the potential for a second job to assist in paying the state’s exorbitant taxes, stratospheric gas prices, and other parts of the new California dream.

Plus, there are other fun lifestyle factors. In California, petty theft, shoplifting, and pilfering stores is not felt to really be a crime, as long as it’s under about $900 bucks – per heist. So, drop into that Target store and pick out stuff you need or can fence.

Even if this dimbulb labor legislation ends up dead, the picture is clear: California is a place where nobody awake and sober would want to start or expand a business. And – important to today’s subject – California is a place a lot of businesses – including aviation-related companies – are likely looking to get away from. Oregon and Washington State are not far behind.

Bank On It: Lots of Aviation-Related Companies Want Out. Today, the emergence of electronic communication has leveled a lot of the playing field for rural America in attracting new business investment. And small community airports can be a huge part of that trend – with or without local scheduled airline service.

Join Us For A Nine-Minute Exploration. We’ve covered some of the conceptual issues in the latest Aviation Unscripted video. It points out that small communities need to rethink the economic applications of their local airport.

Log on to take a look. Rural airports need to move their Master Plans and economic thinking beyond scheduled air service – much of which is invariably getting out of reach.

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It has perspectives that go beyond consensus thinking.

It’s part of our almost four decades of forecasting expertise.

Ominous News For China – Great News For Alabama

The economic realities we refer to above are global, too. When the going gets tough, business move to where it’s less so.

It was announced last week that the unelected criminals running China have shut down Tianjin, a city of 14 million, in their barbaric “zero Covid” policy.

This means – in some cases literally – citizens are locked-up in their own homes, with limited access or egress for food or to go to work. (In a sidebar, anybody remember how two years ago the major US networks parroted the WHO line about how great the CCP running China had smothered the Covid epidemic?)

It’s noted that Airbus has a major aircraft factory at Tianjin, producing A320s and doing finishing work on A350s. It is uncertain how the shut-down may affect Airbus, but it’s a leadpipe cinch that they and other foreign companies are looking hard at the total China picture. It’s increasingly not a place to do business.

It’s also noted that two weeks ago, Airbus announced a near-doubling of its A320/321/220 manufacturing facilities in Mobile. It may be coincidental, but the point is clear.

With the decline in the importance and the viability of the Chinese economy, this is a situation not lost on a lot of companies. The USA is a better place to do business.

Bottom Line:

The Jury is in. As A Business Site, Mobile beats Tianjin. And this is just the start. whether it’s from Tianjin or from Southern California, there are reshoring opportunities – even for rural America.

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