Monday Insight – June 6, 2022

Air Traffic: The Storm Clouds Are Gathering

Open question regarding air traffic growth: Is the well-known substance about to hit the electrical convenience?

Yes, there are lots of press releases about one airport or another seeing record traffic, exceeding pre-CCP-pandemic levels. There are some projections that global air traffic will be back to 2019 levels by next year… or was it 2025?

Then again, there are the less-trumpeted stories of routes dropped, now ominously blaming fuel prices instead of just a pilot shortage. American parking 100 small jets. Add in massive increases in air fares, 8% inflation and erupting costs of jet-fuel, and we may start to hear fan-like noises from consumers that increasingly don’t have as much gelt to spend on air travel.

Pilot availability or not – these are factors that aren’t being touched by most analysts.

We’re not going to into it here.

We have a short 7-minute Aviation Unscripted video that takes a hard look at the near-term future.

Click here and invest a couple of minutes in perspectives that are not being openly discussed elsewhere.