Monday Insight – June 21, 2021

Twenty Years Later…

The 9-11 Awareness Q&A – Can You Answer it?

Anybody remember the story of the radar operator in Hawaii on December 7, 1941?

He identified unknown inbound aircraft, and reported it to his superiors, who, despite knowing the nation was at high alert regarding a possible Japanese attack, blew it off.

The rest is history. People have naturally lamented regarding “if only” these people had acted responsibly.

Exactly – exactly – the same situation took place in the 9-11 attack.

The disturbing difference is that the nation had months – not minutes – to take action. Attempt after attempt was made to get through to the arrogant hierarchy in the government, and nothing was done. Instead of some sleepy officer that failed, in this case it’s a whole herd of high-level politicians and bureaucrats who are responsible.

Facts… Not Media Swooning. In the next couple weeks, we’re going to cover – simply and directly – the real story of 9-11. We’ll review how the first real radar blips of an actual attack were more than four months before the Twin Towers came down.

We’ll be discussing the event with the heroes who actually put their careers at risk to get through to the phalanx of arrogant officials and politicians, only to be blown off. One senator’s office wasn’t interested and told them “you’re not a constituent.”

Test Your 9-11 Knowledge. Let’s do a quick Q&A.

Can you answer this 9-11 fact quiz? If you can, send us an email by clicking here and let us know.

Question One: When were the first warnings by FAA security experts of the potential of not only the imminent potential for hijackings, but multiple hijackings, due to sloppy aviation security?

Question Two: When was the first time one of the hijackers was reportedly seen taking pictures of security at Boston Logan Airport?

Question Three: After being briefed on the major failures at U.S. airports prior to 9-11 by security experts, what actions did Senator McCain’s office immediately take?

Question Four: In the aftermath of the worst national security failure since Pearl Harbor, name the three senior federal security officials who were reprimanded for professional malfeasance.

Question Five: In the immediate aftermath of the attack, what was done with the FAA security team which accurately identified and warned about security lapses at Boston and other airports?

Question Six: Where did the top aviation security official at the time of the 9-11 attack ultimately end up, career-wise?

Question Seven: Have there been other successful terrorist attacks on the USA since 9-11?

Question Eight: The FAA security inspectors who warned about sloppy pre-9-11 security testified to the 9-11 Commission. Into which section of the final report were their observations included?

Know The Answers? Great, click here and tell us. After you calm down a bit.

The point is that these types of questions won’t likely be raised in the coming months, as “award-winning” journalists do sugar-coated sycophant B-roll walk-and-talk interviews with senior politicians and bureaucrats.

We will be back next week with the actual answers.

After we calm down a bit.