Monday Insight – February 22, 2020

Dealing With The Pandemic – Or, More Accurately The Perpetrators of Same

Something very troubling took place in Washington last week.

It involves the handling of the CCP-Covid pandemic… it should concern everyone in aviation, because it is an indication of how this plague is being addressed…


When a crime is committed, cooperating with the perpetrators is in itself a crime.

Here we are in 2021, with our nation’s air transportation system struggling, like the rest of the economy, to re-emerge and survive due to the ravages of the CCP pandemic.

Millions across the globe are dead. Millions more economically devastated. Here in our industry, millions of people’s livelihoods have been destroyed. Air travel has been decimated – in some aspects permanently.

Here’s a point that really should be illuminated. This Covid pandemic is not like a disaster for which nature is responsible, although many if not most politicians would dishonestly have us believe so, or at least stay silent to let that falsehood remain in place. Some are gutless. Some want to play politics. Others – yes, let’s say it – have financial connections to companies or other entities doing business in China.

Man-Made Disaster – And It Was Avoidable. This pandemic came from China, and was allowed to spread across the Chinese populace and then the world due to the criminal actions of the thugs running China, a.k.a. the Chinese Communist Party.

There is no question that the spread of this vile disease started in Wuhan. It is proven that weeks after the CCP knew of the nature of the disease, they criminally continued to cover it up, even to the point of encouraging large public events, to “prove” their dishonest point. The disease was out of control, yet they still tried to cover it up. It’s the way things work inside the Chinese Communist Party. The virus was a screw-up, and it’s critical that party underlings cover-up such things.

Yes, It Came From Wuhan, Not From Imported Frozen Fish. There is also more than enough credible evidence that it initiated in the Wuhan Virology facility, which was actively working on bat-sourced corona virus, and even into December and January was actively advertising to recruit researchers for the purpose. It was the only place in China to be heavily involved in this research, which was based on bats imported from another region of China.

(By the way, this is not just conjecture. China is part of our basic work. We’ve independently studied the background, and we’re not getting our information from politically-correct places like 60 Minutes. Want to question this, great. But come prepared with data beyond what the media is babbling – otherwise you’ll be bringing a butter knife to a gunfight.)

Enter The Co-Conspirators. Now we come to the complicity of the World Health Organization. One year ago, it was proven beyond any question that throughout the early weeks of the emergence of the Covid virus in Wuhan, the World Health Organization colluded with the Chinese Communist Party to insist to the world that there was no communicable disease.

The first meetings between the head of the W.H.O. and Don of the CCP, Xi Jinping, resembled a remake of Fantasy Island, just without the white suits and the short guy with the raspy voice.

But it was all touchy-feely good will, with the W.H.O. dude looking like a teenage groupie meeting her rock star favorite for the first time.

This love-in was during the time that the CCP actively suppressed, muzzled and persecuted into silence anyone who dared intimate the truth about the communicability of the Wuhan virus. The W.H.O.’s version of Tattoo could not but have known that. Yet his organization made no mention. Just all good will toward the CCP.

It has been determined that had the W.H.O. actively spoken out, and called the CCP on their dishonesty, this pandemic would have been much less severe, because actions could have been taken to contain the spread sooner.

Instead, the W.H.O. was complicit in the cover-up. As a result, the U.S. government, correctly, pulled out of this corrupt organization.

The W.H.O. Returns To The Crime Scene – To Prove There Was No Crime. Now, one year later, the W.H.O. is in a high-profile media stunt, coming back to Wuhan to “investigate” the source of the virus.

To completely destroy any credibility, they actually started out – before they did any work – declaring that it could not have come from the Wuhan Virology facility. The CCP was blameless.

When asked about this by a BBC staffer, they responded that the matter had been investigated by “others” and such was the result. The “others” were the CCP itself. It’s like concluding there’s no organized crime by relying on John Gotti to do the research. This is exactly a repeat of what the W.H.O. did one year ago in January 2020, with disastrous results for the world.

Now there is also information that this bogus W.H.O. task force isn’t getting much cooperation from the Chinese government, in any case. Data is being withheld, and as for the Virology lab – the only place that bat-based corona virus was being researched – the indications are that the W.H.O. spent almost no time – reportedly less than four hours- looking around. But the clowns running the W.H.O. at the top don’t seem too concerned.

It’s A Corruption Double-Header… Except Not In Washington, Anymore. Okay, so now we have proof again that the World Health Organization is in absolute cahoots with the criminal CCP that created this pandemic. No ifs ands or buts, the W.H.O. is a part of the cabal that allowed the pandemic to spread, and today they are doing a rerun of their 2020 performance.

Here’s the very serious issue that every American should be concerned about. Despite the known complicity of the W.H.O., the U.S. government has announced it is sending $200 million to rejoin and support the wonderful work of the W.H.O. – the one run by the people who helped the CCP cover up the epidemic.

Say what?

Please, don’t go into the babble that the W.H.O. does such important work around the world. What they did and are doing regarding the Wuhan virus is flat criminal. People have died around the globe. It’s like claiming Gotti’s neighborhood parties make up for his other activities. These are not mid-level munchkins involved with the Wuhan virus – it’s been from the start the top Capos of  W.H.O.

Our aviation industry is in tatters, along with the rest of the economy, due to the initial criminal actions of the CCP and the support they got from the W.H.O.

And we’re now sending money to them. Anybody concerned?