Monday Insight – August 10, 2020

Before We Start Update – New Dates

International Aviation Forecast Summit

We’re excited to report that all of our planned sessions for the 25th International Aviation Forecast Summit remain in place, with the shift of dates to October 11-13.

Actually, this is resulting in a wider range of sessions, due to the potential that the restrictions due to the CCP/China Covid pandemic will be loosened – or at least have some sense of order – by then.

Time To Get Out And Travel. Today, and increasing in the weeks ahead, air travel is likely safer than hanging around the frozen food section at the local supermarket. U.S. airlines have taken aggressive and effective actions to make airplane cabins clear and disinfected. As a counter example, some countries – like China – are maintaining that simply having filtered air is enough, as long as passengers don’t use lavatories or the tray tables, and as long as passengers don’t sit next to an infected person. (Not kidding – we covered it on one of our Aviation Unscripted videos.)

Those of us in aviation need to set the standard. That’s the reason the IAFS will be live – we are not going run from this, and we need to set an example. So, if you’re not yet registered, click here and join aviation leaders in Cincinnati USA on October 11-13.


Airports:USA(R) Short Term U.S. Enplanement Forecast:

Billions In Damages. A Clear Criminal Cause. Now What?

The latest Airports:USA review of forecast traffic for 2020 indicates a decline in 2020 of 38.3% compared to 2019.

That does not contemplate the forecast growth in the year, estimated to have been approximately 3.5%. With that, the damage to the nation’s airports from the China pandemic will be a loss of 375 million enplanements, equating to 270 million fewer passengers.

We will be covering the latest projections and traffic trends for the coming year and beyond at the Airports:USA session at the IAFS. It will be data and perspectives that will not be found anywhere else.

Time Has Passed For Political Correctness… So, airports in America will have a 40% hit on revenues, not to mention economic losses due to reduced air access resulting from airline fleet and strategy shifts.

The question must be asked: how did this happen, and who is responsible.

Never has a question had a more clear answer. We know who ran the Blitz on London. We know who attacked Pearl Harbor. We also know who covered up for this virus and allowed it to spread across the world.

And at the core, this is all due to the massive incompetence – or worse – of the Chinese government, run by the Chinese Communist Party. It’s not some natural phenomenon. It was the cover-ups and dishonesty and criminality of the hoodlums running China.

The economic losses to U.S. communities and airports and businesses are astronomical, right along with the human toll. But, unfortunately, we have large businesses and even at least one U.S. Senator who want to protect China from any culpability. It is a powerful de facto fifth column right here in America for the Chinese Communist Party – the government of China. It’s all about money, don’t ya know.

Airports & Communities: Do Not Let Them Get Away With This. This pandemic came from China, and the culpability is that of the Chinese government. It needs to be kept in mind – which some sectors ignore – that the Chinese people are also victims of the malfeasance of the un-elected thugs in Beijing.

The folks running the Chinese Communist Party are equal-opportunity criminals. They don’t make distinctions between their own citizens and the rest of the globe in allowing this disease to spread. It is reported that due to their continued inept handling and response, a shutdown in the city of Dalian – population 7+ million – has resulted in massive food shortages. Add to that other events – including runs on banks and major political schisms in the CCP (President Xi and Premier Li probably aren’t drinking buddies, for example) and the monolith of the CCP isn’t as strong as it might appear.

At some point, global reaction is going to get these people at each other’s throats. That makes them more vulnerable to international demands for recompense.

A New China-Based Industry: Covid World Services. Whether or not we get our kitchen appliances and electronics from low-wage, no worker-rights factories in China, it is now very clear that this entity – the CCP – is a very bad set of people. A move away from doing business with them is underway. But it goes very, very deep. Get this… despite inflicting this on the people of the world, they are raking in billions from the victims and potential victims, directly as a result of their cover-up and allowance of the virus to spread.

They have created a whole new industry. Let’s call it Covid-World Services. Take a look at the hand sanitizers used at public places, including airports, to ward off this China-inflicted disease. Sales around the world are skyrocketing and chances are that they were made in China. Those masks we’re all wearing to make us look like bank robbers? That may be a ditto. PPE equipment, too.

It’s a heck of a gig. Sort of like the copier business. The device itself isn’t the play… the consumables are where the big bucks are. China’s CCP has raised this to a global level… start the disease, let it spread – and then sell the stuff that is needed to protect us from it.

And the marketplace is from Bucharest to Buenos Aires and everywhere in between where people are being infected with this CCP-inflicted disease.

Start The Accounting Now. We Can Help. At BGI we urge airports and communities to ascertain the financial damage that has been inflicted, including losses of revenue, losses of corollary business, destruction of economic impact, and other factors. The president has noted that China must be held responsible, and airports and communities that have logical, reliable and credible data will be better postured when systems are put into place to get some financial justice from China.

Remember, virtually all of the $150 billion (plus) investment by Chinese entities in the USA have some and often deep connections to the hoodlum organization running China. They are not the nation of China, but a political party.  Big difference.

Let us know if we can assist in a Covid damages estimate, including losses due to torpedoed future air service. The fact is that they will be held accountable.

We suggest getting numbers ready. Give us a call.