July 30 Update

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First Half 2018
Airport & Air Service Research Report Now Available

We’ve just issued our 2018 Airport Traffic Trend Report… covering key areas including fare rankings, emerging capacity projections, and other issues that are key to planning the future.

It has data and information that illuminates what we can expect for the rest of 2018, including:

Fares – The Downward Drift Is Now Over

Capacity v Traffic Trends

The ULCC Factor And Projected Growth

The “Islip Dynamic” – The Rollercoaster of The ULCC Model

Identifying Potential ULCC Targets

The findings are very different from what’s being babbled in the media from raw BTS data most reporters take as Holy Scripture with zero understanding of the airline industry. You may be surprised at which airports actually have the highest per-mile cost of airfare, based on adjusted LOH.

To view and download the Research Report, click the cover page icon. This will take you to the International Aviation Forecast Summit site. Then just click on the Research Report heading in the right column.

It’s business intelligence that challenges status-quo thinking. Just like the International Aviation Forecast Summit itself.