BGI China Expertise

On May 9, Ithaca was added to the distinguished list of clients who have drawn upon the expertise of Boyd Group International and its partner China Ni Hao.

We delivered a comprehensive China-Welcome & Outreach program to civic leaders, specifically tailored to the core educational foundation of the local economy of the region. Today, BGI’s Airports:China forecasts that Central New York generates over 59,000 local Chinese O&D.

Ithaca joins clients Raleigh-DurhamSpokane, Las Vegas and New Orleanswho in just the last year have come to BGI for its expertise in the dynamic and growing China-US market. Every program is carefully related to the specific realities and objectives of the client.

Unlike other entities that claim to provide “China ready” programs, ours focus on building outreach, not just accommodation. Our assistance is developing digital presence in China, including presence on WeChat, Baidu and other channels is unrivaled.

Remember, Chinese visitation and investment is an opportunity for every  US community. Contact us for more information.