Going To World Routes?

Don’t pass up the opportunity to showcase your airport & community in China!

Regardless of what airlines you’ll be meeting with, you’ll be exposed to decision-makers at Chinese carriers, CAAC, and travel entities… the more they know that you’re China-Welcome™.

China-Welcome, the stronger your Guangzhou260advantage in attracting more of the 20 million visitors from China over the next 20 years.

You’ll be surprised at the long-term and continuing value of a China-Welcome program, tailored by our team to your exact situation.

Let the China Ni Hao team at Boyd Group International give you the materials and marketing strategies that will put you ahead of the competition!

From brochures and promo materials, professionally-created in Chinese by staff that understand not only China, but the travel & airline industries, to Chinese-web pages to showcase your airport on line, all the way to China business-registered WeChat apps, putting your airport literally in the pockets of 700 million subscribers, our team can make sure you’ll have a presence in China long after the last farewell gan bei toasts when you leave for home.

You’re investing a lot in your trip to Guangzhou… let us help you optimize it. Click here for details on how we can tailor a China-Welcome™ program for your airport!