Monday Insight – April 19, 2021

The Magic 18 Inches of Health Protection

Never has seat 21E had the importance and health benefits it does today. It’s a middle seat, and the shamans in Washington are hyping it like they just discovered radium.

Last week, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) issued a new study, urging airlines to block middle seats to stop the potential spread of the CCP-Covid virus in airplane cabins.

Impressively, the CDC noted that this move could reduce the risk by over 50%. Wonderful  advice, particularly since there has been essentially zip evidence of CCP-Covid spread in  airplane cabins.

Naturally, however, the media took this CDC study and  ran with it like Zeus himself had just delivered it by express lightning bolt.

Nobody seemed to question the CDC’s conclusions. One major network radio outlet was furious that we dared suggest that the CDC was claiming to reduce something that’s been shown not to be a risk in the first place. Don’t want to hear that… truth doesn’t matter to certain parts of the media when it might shed light on bureaucratic political correctness.

This is just another in a long line of wanderings by the CDC. It is reprehensible in that it implies that there is a very real and present threat in airplane cabins – one that has been proven not to exist.

Sure, that 18 inches of middle seat separation is great protection – especially after passengers crawl over each other when one needs to get to the window seat and are next to each other stuffing things into the overhead.

This CDC magnum opus isn’t science. But it is consistent with a lot of the political Kabuki theater that has attached itself to the bureaucratic Washington response to the CCP-Covid pandemic like barnacles on a tramp steamship.

Back in February a year ago, we were assured by the various “experts” and pandering politicians that it was okay to take a cruise, or go to a movie, or participate in group activities… even though it was clear that the CCP-Covid was spreading rapidly in China, Europe or elsewhere. We were advised back then that wearing a mask was not needed or even  advisable.

Now the very same sources are prancing around, telling us that we should wear not one but two masks for safety. The media buys into that as obediently as they have this latest CDC dictum.

Nobody in the media asks what the specs for the “masks” need to be. Two N95s? Two plastic hoods? Two paper masks imported from factories run by  the same criminal government  who started this pandemic?  Two soiled  hankies?

Yup, all of the above are equally fine. It’s “science,” don’t ya know. Not to be questioned.

If looked at honestly and without the pandering political correctness much of the media worships, this stuff fails to meet the standards of a half-naked witch doctor in some far-off jungle.

See, this is more about proving obedience to the “authorities” than health. Sort of like a religious requirement to  cover one’s face to show subservience.

The latest CDC “study” is more of the same.


The “Infrastructure” Bill:

Airport & Aviation In The Long-Term Crosshairs

France has just passed a law prohibiting air service between any two points where rail service is less than 2.5 hours. Germany is on the same path.

See, it’s all about reducing carbon emissions… regardless of other issues, or even the economic fallout that may result. Or even if it will make any real difference. It’s part of the sacred environmental scripture… air travel is evil. Choo-choo trains love the environment and will protect the polar bears and snake-darters and endangered lizard species in the Amazon rain forest.

Back home, there are clowns inside the Marble Playpen in Washington that are likely looking at trying to do the same in the USA… environmental jihadists who need no facts or truth to spoil their dogma.

Only problem is that the USA does not have any such rail system.


But they’re fixin’ to do something about that little problem.

We touched on this last week. But it’s important that every sector of the aviation industry be fully aware that this “infrastructure” bill leaves airports out in the cold. And could be the start on the path of bureaucrats dictating how we must travel in the future.

Now, to be clear, this legislation has about as much to do with infrastructure as Karl Marx had with the Vatican Council. But it is obvious that airports and aviation are not at the table in this pork-fest.

In the current Aviation Unscripted video, we discuss how the bill will slobber tax money all over building trendy new “high-speed” passenger rail across the nation. It’s trendy. It’s environmentally superior. (A lie, but truth isn’t a factor in the dogma.)

This is more than just constructing rail beds. It’s part of a long-term plan to hamstring commerce based on crackpot but politically-accepted transportation planning.

Click here. It is critical that everyone in aviation be able to discuss this matter factually.

It does affect the future of our airport system – and the national economy.