Reminder: Why The Term “CCP Covid?”

We get questions regarding the use of the term “CCP-Covid” to describe the virus that is at the core of the pandemic that has killed millions and inflicted trillions in economic damage to the globe.

“CCP” stands for the people who are fully – 100% – responsible, the Chinese Communist Party. Regardless of the supposed smoke screen debate about whether it came from the Wuhan Virology facility, it is a clear fact that when it started to spread, the CCP intentionally and willfully attempted to cover it up for weeks or actually, months.

This included an active campaign for weeks encouraging – encouraging and holding – huge public interactions and a clear propaganda effort to convince the people and the globe that there was no human-to-human transmission of the virus. These are not in dispute, except by some in the media who’s moral values are at cesspool levels.

This included convincing the corrupt World Health Organization, which actually put out missives agreeing with this criminal behavior on the part of the CCP.

The unfortunate part of this is that many USA businesses want to whitewash this and give the CCP criminals a pass… there’s a lot of money to be made in China, see.

The sad situation is that any business done in China, whether it’s buying a set of headphones over the internet or supporting the 2022 Olympics, is a vote for the most vile un-elected government since the Nazis in Germany.