Pre-Summit Optional Events & Workshops

The 2018 International Aviation Forecast Summit

Delivering Insight Even Before It Begins!

As our regular attendees will tell you, the IAFS™ is the most valuable annual event in aviation. That’s because it delivers more data, insight and futurist perspectives. Period.

One of the unique features are the pre-Summit events and Workshops, which in themselves deliver more data, information and insight than any other aviation event in its entirety.

Our attendees are already ahead of the competition even before the start of the Summit itself.

Plan on arriving in Denver early this year. Here’s the current schedule, which is subject to additions and revisions:

The New Air Access Paradigms & The Need For A New Approaches

We’re In The 21st Century – But Air Service Planning Is Still In The 1980s

If you are involved in any way with air service access planning, don’t miss this Workshop.

Chances are your competition will be there.

Using Typewriters Instead of Computers. In a world of instant messaging, Skype meetings across continents, e-mail, and digital communication, the approach to developing air service access in America is the equivalent of using pay phones, snail mail and typewriters to communicate. And to top it all off, the message and the objectives are often completely obsolete.

The Workshop will be based on the key findings new BGI White Paper – The New Air Transportation Paradigm – Time For New Thinking. As with all of our work, it pulls no punches.

America is falling behind in assuring that all regions of the nation have access to and from the global economy. The reason is simple: most “air service development” programs are founded on trying to bring back an air transportation system that’s long since been dead.

Just doing “studies” to “lure” more unnamed airlines is one example of assuming that the 1980s are still in full swing… and these types of programs will leave whole regions behind because they assume an airline industry that no longer exists.

Be Ready To Take Notes & Ask Questions. This is the Workshop that every airport director and air service professional should attend…it outlines how airports and communities need to completely change their entire perspectives on air access, lest they end up cut off from the global economy.

The complete White Paper will be published on August 19, concurrent with this Workshop, and registered Workshop attendees will be provided with a complimentary copy.

More information on the White Paper and what will be covered can be reviewed by clicking here.


Workshop:  Emerging Criticality Of The FBO In Airport Revenue Streams
FBOs will increasingly be an important part of the economic competitive structure at all airports. But they are facing a future that will demand major business changes.

For example, the hurdles to pilot instruction are going up. Not only is the potential demand in the profession being challenged, but the raw costs of entry into the world of leisure and general aviation are going up. The shift from 100LL to diesel technology engines will affect revenue streams. Plus, competition to attract business aviation is going up.

There are a range of open issues that airports need to address in the coming years, such as whether it’s more productive to own or contract out FBO concessions. Projections of changes in fuel sales due to changes in GA and leisure fleet mixes.

For this Workshop, Boyd Group International is excited to bring in Mr. Mike Dye, President of FBOsForSale, an industry expert on the subject of fixed base operators. Mr. Dye has assisted dozens of airports in analyzing and planning the structure of their FBO program, and will be outlining the factors and dynamics that airports will need to consider in the future.


Workshop: Basics of Air Cargo & Logistics… Potentialities & Opportunities

Shipping goods by air is a very specific communication channel… and like passenger transportation, the basic foundations of air cargo have materially shifted in the past 15 years.

For example, scheduled airline belly cargo capability has been materially diminished by use of smaller jet aircraft, revised security requirements, and the primary focus of attempting to “turn” passenger flights as quickly and labor-efficiently as possible.

Too often, communities are misled into thinking that they can transform the local airport into an air cargo facility. But just having a runway, and even access to a strong highway system are not the main requirements for successful air cargo operations.

But there are new trends in global logistics that point to expansion opportunities – both within the fully-integrated sector as well as traditional air cargo.

This Workshop is designed to deliver and discuss the range of factors that can support air cargo at local airports. We will start with the economic foundations of moving goods by air – which starts with time-efficiency.

We’ll look at other emerging channels that involve air cargo and how airports can “plug in” to them.

This Workshop delivers an outline of what is necessary to determine if an airport has potential for adding air cargo as a revenue stream, either as a hub-truck terminal or direct integrated or non-integrated air service.


Blockchain – A Coming Disruption To Information Channels

It might be pretty “out there” and esoteric, but so at one time was the concept of the internet.

In the next 3-5 years, blockchain technology and applications are going to alter how data is collected, distributed and analyzed.

Airlines are already looking at using it to eliminate or diminish reliance on retail distribution systems. Think about the challenges this will represent in accessing data that today is readily available in regard to air travel patterns.

That means that how air travel is sold, analyzed and planned will be shifting to different channels. It also means that airport and airline strategies will be developed from new data sources… sources that will be completely separate from channels such as DOT and BTS.

We will be exploring this and the ramifications it has for airports, aviation planners and airlines.


Workshop: The China Opportunity – Strategies For Communities and Airports

Over $14 billion in industrial and business investment across the US. More than 20 million leisure visitors over the next five years, with an average “spend’ of over $6,000 each.

That’s the scope of the emerging traffic from China. And it’s coming to all parts of the USA. Folks from places like Beijing, Zhengzhou, Tienjin and Shanghai eager to see places like New York State’s Thousand Islands, The River Walk in San Antonio, the Florida Keys, and Little Big Horn… all of America.

Investment? It’s already in full swing… in places like Louisviille and Saginaw and Edgecomb County – from companies with facilities in places like Hefei and Mianyang and Weihai. The opportunities are incredible.

But the advantage will be going to be US cities and airports and businesses that invest now in aggressively posturing for this new investment and travel. It means having an effective China-Welcome program not only locally but in China, too.

This Is More Than Information – It’s A How-To Program. Boyd Group International and its partner China Ni Hao, LLC, have been busy this past year assisting client airports and communities in developing and honing programs to capture more of this incoming business.

Be ready to take notes. This is a functional workshop. We’ll be covering not only how to accommodate Chinese visitors, but also how to build an aggressive and cost-effective digital presence in China.

The Workshop delivers how-to expertise – establishing your professional business-registered WeChat app… managing your message in China on Baidu and other channels. Building your profile by letting the China market know that you understand the importance of things like acceptance of things like UnionPay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

We’ll also be outlining how your airport and community can easily develop local China Kits(tm) to assure visitors from China can be seamlessly made to feel welcome.

And we’ll help you avoid some pitfalls… hint: if your current website has an instant Google translate function, disable it as fast as you can… at the Workshop we’ll explain.

Special! – Get A View of The Supersonic Future!

Saturday, August 18, 2018 – Special Reception – Boom Supersonic

The 55-seat Boom Supersonic airliner is on target for entering service in 2023. It will change the structure of intercontinental travel – materially.

That’s the reason we are excited that Boom has invite Summit attendees are cordially invited to a special reception at the company’s new headquarters and research center, located at Centennial Airport, the company that is building a new airliner that will completely change intercontinental travel.

The reception will include a tour of the company’s new headquarters, including the mock-up of “Baby Boom” – the one-third size concept model, which is scheduled to fly next year.

If you want to see the future,  get to Denver a day early and join us!