Monday Update – March 23, 2020

The Cure Is Killing The Patient

Let’s stop with the fantasy…

The US airline industry is dying. Fast.

It is now clear that Congress is more concerned with playing social reconstruction games than preserving our industries in this China pandemic. (Got a problem with that title for the epidemic? See below.)

Anybody who thinks that the airline industry can now just return to where it was in January is dreaming. It has been badly and structurally wounded. And changed.

Airlines are cash-bleeding. Consumers as of now have little likelihood of coming back to airports  anytime soon in this panicked environment. The costs of maintaining an airline – even if most of its fleet is parked – can only be covered so long.  They will evaporate as operating entities if some temporary aid isn’t implemented immediately.

Yet some of the powerful clowns in congress want to hijack and delay any federal aid by tacking on all sorts of pet second-agenda political wish lists. Stuff that has no bearing on the immediate crisis

And, in regard to the airline industry, these walking bits of protoplasm in congress are aided by the consumerist gadflies that now see this as a way of getting even with airlines, demanding all sorts of tag-ons, even to the point of regulating seat sizes, forcing them to serve small communities that have no consumer demand, and attacking ancillary fees.

Every day that these politicians play games reduces the future size and viability of the very existence of the US air transportation industry. Those thousands of grounded airliners won’t just pop back into the sky.

In addition, federal aid or not, it’s very clear that the path being taken by virtually every country in the world to deal with this crisis – which is to hunker down in caves and don’t move – is essentially like just waiting for the grim reaper to arrive. It certainly will do so for the economic foundation of the globe.

Stepping out on a limb… this is a sanitation crisis. Think about it. It is clear how it spreads, and it is clear who is at risk, and who is not so much at risk. It is also clear that this is not the bubonic plague, dangerous as it may be.

And if 140+ nations across the world continue to pursue the path hiding inside until it just goes away, or until a vaccine is found, they are probably right. But when it’s all over, as far as economic foundation, there won’t be anything left to rebuild on.

Including an air transportation system.


It Is The Chinese Pandemic

Sorry if that offends politically trendy folks.

Because it affects aviation, it is appropriate to comment on the pandemic and how we deal with it. The air transportation industry in America has been fundamentally damaged because of the spread of a virus that started and was for all intents and purposes allowed to incubate and expand across the globe due to criminal malfeasance by the Chinese government.

It is important that the Chinese government – collectively referred to as China – be held accountable. This has nothing to do with ethnicity – the Chinese people are the victims, too.

Let’s stop the politically motivated nonsense. This entire situation is directly the result of actions and non-actions taken by the Chinese government. This is not conjecture or opinion, it is demonstrable truth.

But now we have politicians demanding that we not hold the Chinese Government responsible… to the point of ridiculously telling us that to label this epidemic for what it is – the Chinese pandemic, or more accurately, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Pandemic –  is to be racist.

The only racists in this argument are those issuing such ignorant and politically motivated accusations in the first place. It’s as transparently stupid and pandering as claiming FDR was racist for declaring that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor.

The CCP – the Chinese Government – has lied its way through this since November. Destroyed evidence. Cover-ups. Persecution of citizens. Encouraging citizens to mingle in Wuhan, to “prove” it was safe, knowing that the coronavirus was communicable. Allowing millions of infected people to freely travel in January across China and the world.

Nothing that comes out of that source should be trusted, and it’s unfortunate that some politicians in the U.S. are making a political football out of trying to smokescreen that fact.

Worse, outlets like the New York Times, are lauding the “success” of China in controlling the epidemic – relying solely on representations made by the CCP, which has lied since this started. Says clearly what the value of the New York Times is as a source of reliable reporting. According to that paper, China is a star, regardless of their clear criminal acts in spreading this disease.

If you want some facts, we’ve covered this on a March 16, 2020 Intelligence Update at BoydGroupChina. 

Our economy and that of the world (not to mention China itself) is in tatters because of the Chinese government. It is a Chinese pandemic.

It sure would be nice if a couple of pandering state governors would be more concerned with holding them accountable than playing dishonest politics. Click on the link for some facts, not political doggerel.

By the way, we are building and adding to to be a source of insight and perspectives on China aviation. Intelligence updates are added from time to time, and which cover areas missed by the rest of the aviation media.