Monday Insight – February 21, 2022

The Monday Insight Is On Hiatus Recognizing The US Holiday…


Be sure to clear your calendar this Thursday, February 24, for the next Boyd+Swelbar Unvarnished Video.

You really don’t want to miss this…

We’ll be taking on a number of issues that are shaping aviation and air transportation, and how the nation is generally mis-informed and mis-directed about the future of the air transportation in the USA. Big time.

The World Has Changed… So Have Communication Modalities. For just a little pre-video homework, take a look at the following illustration and give some thought to what it represents.

Give it some thought… what is the one modality that has not seen quantum leaps in efficiency, cost and consumer access?

The answer delivers a whole new perspective on air service planning and on how a lot of the shoot-in-the-dark approaches simply are promoting a modality that in many applications can no longer compete.

Let’s tag up this Thursday… Click here and bookmark it… As with our initial Boyd+Swelbar Unvarnished videos, we’ll be discussing a number of aviation third rails that question and sometimes threaten ambient thinking.