Monday Insight – February 20, 2022

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Regional Air Service Planning:
Arriving At The Gate After The Fleet’s Retired

In the current Aviation Unscripted video, we’re illuminating the one future shortage that’s not much recognixed:

A shortage of economically-viable airliners.  The 50-seat fleets are going fast. The next step – 76-seat airliners – are a category that’s not growing. After that, it’s into the need to support mainline-size airliners, or the small community local airport is out of luck.

Actually, this is a trend that’s been evolving for the last 40 years: the bar for scheduled passenger service has been heading up as raw airline operating costs continue to exceed the revenues that can be captured at many small communities.

Log on and get the bottom line on how air service development programs need to accommodate a whole new this dynamic in air transportation.

It will cover new planning territory for the future of airports across America. The economics of air travel are shifting – air service access will reflect this.