Monday Insight – February 1, 2021

Canada’s Air Transportation System – (Not) On Life Support

The China-CCP Virus Continues to Win.

Last week’s Aviation Unscripted video covered the dire situation faced by Canada’s airline system.

Air Canada had cut back to 20% of its year-ago level of operations. WestJet not far behind. Porter grounded… just for starters. Borders between provinces restricted. Premier Ford basically shutting things down in Ontario. U.S. border restricted.

Then, a day after we posted the Unscripted, virtually all international traffic was for all intents and purposes shut off, via quarantine requirements for returning consumers. Spring vacations cancelled – and Canada’s air transportation system further cut. There wasn’t much left, anyway.

To this point, government support for Canada’s airports and airlines has been mostly vapor. In a huge nation that has just 37 million population, air connectivity is more critical than in probably any other developed country.

The open question is how much long-term economic damage is being done to the air transportation system. The question must be asked if there is an alternative to just shutting Canada down.

Canada is America’s #1 trading partner… an essential part of several U.S. industries. So, if the situation in Canada is so dire as to kill off its air transportation industry, it bodes very unwell for our own economy.

If you’re interested in more about this, click here for the Aviation Unscripted video… take a couple of minutes for some straight talk on a couple of third-rail issues that you won’t find anywhere else.