Monday Insight – December 30, 2019

Before We Get Into 2020 Predictions…

Hyatt Regency Cincinnati announced as the venue for the 25th Annual International Aviation Forecast Summit.

In today’s Monday Insight, we’ll be touching on general trends to expect in the coming year. They will question a lot of the shopworn, trend-line ambient thinking that’s seen all too often in aviation

On August 23-25, in Cincinnati, USA we’ll be holding the #1 event that questions and challenges status-quo thinking… directly from the aviation leaders who will be shaping the future.

This is the only industry forecast event. We avoid predetermined “panels” that corral open thinking and exploration. It’s the thought leaders – industry CEOs and senior executives that will give us their unvarnished view of the trends and dynamics of the future.

This year, we’ll be rolling out additional new forecast sessions, too. And we’re planning a very exciting pre-Summit workshop program, as well. Data and information that dares to question ambient thinking and the status quo.

An exciting venue… not only is Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International easy and cost-effective to access, but we’ve chosen the beautiful Hyatt Regency Cincinnati as the venue for the 25th annual IAFS.

We have negotiated a special rate of $159 per night, plus taxes and fees. There will be a link on the IAFS website shortly.

For more information, and outlines of this #1 aviation event, click here. Special early registration rates are in effect.

Aviation leaders from around the world will be there. Be one of them.


BGI Overall Aviation Predictions For 2020…

Strategic Clarity. Identifying New Air Transportation Paradigms

We’re going to post our 2020 trend projections a little differently.

Each year, Forbes outlines the predictions of a number of forward-visioned – and usually iconoclastic – aviation thinkers. There are no straight jacket rules – just the unvarnished visions of what each of these folks sees happening in the year ahead.

Boyd Group International is honored to be included in this august group.

We’ve posted our predictions on Forbes, and rather than just repeat them, click here.  We’re honored, also, that it was chosen an an Editor’s Pick article, as were our 2019 predictions as well.

We welcome feedback, as-is, where-is. So if you have any input or thoughts regarding the year 202o in aviation, hit the contact button above, and let them fly.

And we at Boyd Group International want to wish you the best for the New Year!