Monday Insight – December 14, 2020

This week, let’s cover some points regarding China-U.S. travel

From The Creators of The China-CCP Pandemic:

Flight Attendants – Cover Your Face.
Use Gloves. Wash Your Hands…
And Don’t Forget Your Diapers.

It all Depends. Literally.

Apparently, that’s the advice of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to airline cabin crew.

From the rogue, unelected government that inflicted this pandemic on the world, they are now suggesting that airline cabin staff wear diapers when working on airplanes, so as not have to use the lavatories in flight.

As support for this, one media source – which may have been CNN, even – sort of gave this crackpot suggestion some credibility. It noted that lavs are really dangerous places, referring to a single passenger – back in August – who may have contracted the China virus when visiting the lavatory on a flight between Europe and Korea. (Real thorough research, eh?)

It noted that this little excursion was “the only place where she didn’t wear an N95 mask” so, according to the article, it just had to be the lav where she got the gift that keeps on giving from the CCP.

In light of the nappy-recommendation, however, one can only wonder exactly how she was wearing the mask before she entered the loo.

A Whole New Reason To Wear A Mask On Board. Consider what the cabin of a 777 on an 8-hour flight will resemble with a dozen or more cabin crew members conveniently “taking care of business” as they prance along the aisles with beverage carts.

And for the staff, there’s probably no experience quite like the whole crew wearing damp and maybe full Huggies for a couple of hours.

It gives a new meaning to the concept of “jump seat.”


Fact Is, The Diaper Joke is On Us, Not The CCP.

On a wider note, the story about Chinese flight attendants needing to wear diapers is actually emblematic of what the CCP has done to the global economy. It’s not so humorous.

The truth is that it’s the rest of the world that the CCP has figuratively and successfully shoved into wearing economic diapers.

It’s now been a year since the CCP/Corona Virus began to clearly show up in Wuhan. Do you see any economic outrage from U.S. consumers… heck, there are politicians telling us that we shouldn’t be judgmental – or that it’s “xenophobic” to think such thoughts. With all the facts we have at hand, these clowns probably would have said that about the Japanese Empire on December 8, 1941.

Most of those Christmas lights we’re buying are made in a country where the government persecutes those that try to celebrate the event. So, who’s wearing the economic nappies now?

It’s now been a year since the CCP that runs China began a concerted campaign to cover up the spread of the epidemic. There are some ethically-challenged news sources in the U.S. who have diligently defended the CCP, claiming no proof of the virus starting in Wuhan. But they can’t cover up the fact that the CCP was culpable in muzzling the epidemic and encouraging it to spread.

It has now been one year since this virus was allowed to spread outside of China due to the criminal actions of the Chinese Communist party.

Running Scared – Like Infants In A Panic. The CCP now has the entire global economy running from this virus, shutting down business and trade, and driving some governments to be in a state of total panic. In the USA, thousands of businesses are being destroyed by willy-nilly and often ridiculous constrictions on interactions between citizens. So, who’s wearing the disposables now?

Yet it is now politically incorrect to speak the truth about the culpability of China’s thug government. We should just act as if it never came from there and keep on buying stuff made in Sinclair Lewis type sweat shop factories that directly feed the coffers of the CCP criminals.

So, in the grand scheme of things, who really is wearing political diapers?

And, As For Fallout…

China-U.S. Travel Is Now A Cadaver

Back in March, our Airports:China™ forecasts indicated that the 8.2 million O&D between the USA and China in 2019 (via nonstop and connect routings) would atrophy to less than one million.

The once-robust expectations of increased travel went into the ceramic fixture due to the actions of the CCP. Back in 2016, we easily saw 6 million visitors by 2023. Not anymore. The entire situation has changed.

A Combination of Caustic Actions By The CCP. One was the disgusting actions of the CCP in covering up and lying about the corona virus. Another was the fundamental changes in local political control implemented by the despots under the Xi Jinping regime, which tended to discourage leisure traffic to the U.S.

Then there was the decline in the China economy, including the deflation and continued collapse of the real estate bubbles in the country. Finally, it became very dangerous to visit China. Much of the country’s venues have been closed off to foreign visitors, and due to the CCP propaganda, foreigners are no longer as welcome in the country. The locals are actively told that it’s the USA that started the pandemic.

Visit China At Your Personal Peril. Today, anyone in their right mind should carefully reconsider traveling to China. This particularly so if one’s company isn’t a Fortune 100 entity that the CCP needs to pander to. Indeed, the latest capacity data indicate that this advice is taking hold. Business travel is becoming risky. The pandas in Chengdu are getting lonely, with a lot less foreigners coming to visit.

There are the incidents of foreigners literally and randomly detained from leaving China, based on extortionate or political demands on the part of the CCP. There is the well known “two Michaels” from Canada who have been incarcerated for over a year, with no reasons given, other than they have been “tried.”

We personally know of one businessman who has been refused exit until he turns over some of his company’s significant assets to the CCP – assets over which he has no control. We leave out names and details because the efforts continue to free him. There are undoubtedly other examples.

Yes, there are huge U.S. investments in China… billions of dollars in business. But at what cost?

You Aren’t Allowed One Phone Call When You’re Collared In Shanghai. Remember, once you are in China, all bets are off. It is run by a government well into ethnic persecution, religious intolerance, and near-zero regard for human rights. By the way, if you are arrested, the system allows you a lawyer, but only in the presence of a CCP thug. And if you dare discuss the case with your lawyer, the meeting ends. True.

But, boy, those low-wage, no-labor-rights factories in places like Zhengzhou, Nanchang and Weihai can really churn out the clothing, electronics and auto tires that make big profits here in the USA. Just make sure you conduct business via Zoom, not in person.

What all this means is that the robust leisure traffic between the two countries is as dead as Confucius’s house cat, and as for business, it’s dead, too.

Now, back to our forecast. It may have been a bit aggressive.

We compared U.S. – China nonstop seat capacity scheduled for January 2021, with that of January 2020, before the full effects of the China-CCP Covid pandemic took hold.

Last year, ten U.S. gateways had nonstops between the USA and China. Today, it is only three, and the capacity is down over 96%.

Given the other issues, such as U.S. carriers having to bounce China flights one-stop over Seoul due to nasty conditions in China, it is very likely that our projection of 1 million O&D is highly optimistic.

The point is this. The exciting changes we were beginning to see in China from roughly 2008 to 2017 are gone. So is the traffic that was generated. Including direct and indirectly generated traffic, we estimate that this is about 4.8 million less enplanements across the USA in 2021.

But let’s remember, the source of this pandemic is the same source as this stellar new response to diaper fashions – i.e., the CCP government running China.

There is no telling what this bunch can come up with. Just remember, they cannot be trusted.