June 25, 2018

Accessing China Business  & Air Access –

It’s An Economic Opportunity For Airports of All Sizes

It’s the next tsunami of business and growth – China.

Regardless of current (and often inaccurate) media stories about a “trade war.”

When the dust settles, the economic relations between China and the US will be stronger than ever. Both countries need each other, but China needs the US market, big-time.

You can take it to ‘Vegas and make book on it. The future growth sector will be coming from China, and it will affect airports across the USA – with or without nonstop flights. New flow traffic channels are developing and the attractiveness of US airports and adjacent property as investment is not being missed as Chinese companies look to expand globally.

… Over 20 million leisure visitors over the next five years, with an average “spend” of over $6,000 each… billions in new investment in US industries, real estate, and new business ventures. And it is aimed at the entire US, not just major cities.

The massive evolution of the Chinese airline and air transportation systems represent huge potential for new China-US flights – and increased connectivity between Chinese commercial centers and secondary US airports.

… As the China air transportation system evolves, plan on seeing a lot of B-registered airliners from several Chinese cities operated by airlines that most folks have yet to hear of, feeding new traffic via alliance partners to points across the USA.

… When the new Daxing mega-airport opens next year in Beijing, the ripple effects will uncork new air access from China… a factor that will represent now-unseen opportunities for US gateways and for connecting/flow traffic to and from secondary US airports.

Getting Your Airport & Community To The Front of The Competition

Boyd Group International and its China Ni Hao team are working with a number of communities and airports in developing aggressive and effective programs to both prepare and to reach out to the Chinese market, as well as to explore air service opportunities.

Large airports and small, too.

Your Competition Is Mired In “Traditional” Approaches. Get Ahead of Them. The traditional trade missions, surrogate marketing offices in Beijing, and an expensive eye-candy Brand USA™ website are no longer enough to cut it competitively.

Communities and their local airports need to go beyond these, and aggressively become China-Welcome™ to underscore these traditional channels, and demonstrate that they have respect and preparation for this new business. Innovation in outreach and positioning will make the difference.

In this area, Boyd Group International has more expertise in the emerging China aviation market than any other consultant.

We’re the only US firm that’s engaged in in-depth research and forecasting of the China opportunity.

– We are unique in that we are focused on trends and major shifts affecting the exploding Chinese air transportation system.

– We’re the only firm that delivers intensive on-site China Symposiums – events that deliver to the client data, forecasts and China business intelligence that other consultants would need to try to research and then would charge the client tens of thousands of dollars for their education on the subject.

That’s because for them, China is an ad-hoc sideline, not a focus of their work.

Join Us At The International Aviation Forecast Summit – And Jump Ahead.

The IAFS™ is the #1 aviation forecast event. And that means that the China opportunity is part of the agenda. In fact, the China-focused segments deliver more actionable data and information than is available anywhere else. Period.

The Airports:China Summit Session – Facts & Forecasts

At the IAFS, full Summit, we present the latest Airports:China™ forecast of traffic and trends. This is business intelligence that is specific to airports and communities that want to enhance their China outreach.

Where the China-US traffic will expand in the next 3 years… Based on known and expected fleet and strategy shifts at Chinese airlines… and our expertise in forecasting the China-US market.

Crafting A Viable Strategy – Why simply seeking “a flight to China” is the wrong way to start, and the reasons why… Matter of fact, a comparison of daily departures from major Chinese airline operations and those at US carriers’ connecting hubs tells the story regarding how to approach gaining China access – one we’ll be explaining at the Airports:China session.

The Evolution of the China air transportation system. We’ll review what BGI has identified as the “Mianyang dynamic” – anticipating and targeting where China-US traffic will be in the future, as China’s economic structure changes. It does portend changes that affect the shifting future China-US air access trends…

Data & Futurist Forecasting – Why reliance on DOT international O&D and T-100 data is not recommended, and how to develop alternatives.

– Forecast: US Airports With Highest Potential For China Access, 2019-2021. Exclusive! As part of the Airports:China forecast, we’ll be outlining the US airports that have the strongest potential for China nonstop flights subsequent to the opening of the new Daxing mega-airport in Beijing.

We’ll discuss the criteria and the dynamics of gaining China air service in this new environment.

Workshop: The China Opportunity – Strategies For Communities and Airports.

If you can get to Denver a little early, one part of the optional pre-Summit Workshop programs includes a session that will deliver exciting business intelligence for airports working to craft their China outreach program

This exciting session will explore:

How to identify and “size” the specific China opportunity.

Cost effective and non-intrusive ways of implementing wayfinding at your airport and community.

How airports and communities can develop cost-effective digital positioning – in China and in the US.

The pitfalls to absolutely avoid – and some aren’t that obvious, either.

Air China And The #1 US Airline To China Are Participating, Too.

Our good friend and colleague, Dr. Chi Zhi-Hang, VP – North America of Air China, will also be presenting a session at the IAFS™ on his company’s view of the China-US Market.

Plus, we’re excited to announce that United Airlines – the #1 US-China carrier – is now a Platinum Sponsor of the IAFS™ and its president, Scott Kirby will be discussing this and other strategic areas.

If you haven’t registered yet, just click here and reserve your space. Early registration rates end on June 30.

So, ! And will see you in Denver August 19-21!