Flight Shaming

Flight Shaming – Let’s All Live In Clean Caves

The media seems to be mesmerized by the concept of making people ashamed of getting on an airplane.

“Flight shaming” is based on the head-in-the-sand luddite concept that to travel on an airplane is to blatantly and selfishly destroy the environment… to deny polar bears the ice to live on, and cause the ozone hole to expand into a human-lethal gap in the sky.

Yup. Just staying put is far more responsible than flying to see grandma. You can do that electronically, anyway.

The media reports on flight shaming as if it is a natural option that should be explored across the globe, when in fact it represents a fundamental concept that is anti-human. It it causes carbon, it must be bad, and therefore anyone who creates a “carbon footprint” is evil.

Regardless of any information, science, or technological input that may moderate or in some cases completely refute this panic-call to end carbon emissions, flight shaming and other supposed measures are not to be questioned. It’s decided. Air travel is evil to the environment – it is not to be questioned.

Let’s grab a third rail. The airline industry has mostly just gone along with th