First Quarter Airport Key Performance Metrics & Short Term Forecasts

Subscribers to Aviation DataMiner’s Airport Key Performance Metrics & Short-Term Passenger Forecasts will be receiving their reports for the 1Q of 2019 in the next week.

Unlike other “quarterly” products, this program delivers refined planning data and information, instead of just numbers regurgitated from raw BTS tables, which reflect no value-added insights.

One key indicator of an amateur and sloppy “quarterly” report: when all the O&D numbers end in zero. This means that they are just taken raw from the BTS website, without any attempt to reconcile the data against other sources. This is necessary because the 10% sample data results in material errors and misinformation, particularly in smaller markets.

If you’re interested in real quarterly planning data, not just page after page of numbers any high school intern could pull off the ‘net, give us a call for subscription information to Airport Key Performance Metrics & Short-Term Passenger Forecasts, or click here and ask us.