Economic Impact Studies

Economic Impact Studies – Get The New Metrics

Knowing the true regional economic impact of an airport is a very useful tool to assure positive public perception and convince other governmental entities of the value of the airport in the region’s economy.

That’s even more important now, with the major changes in the air transportation system brought on by the CCP-Covid pandemic. Traditional and expected revenue streams have changed. Airline strategies have changed. General and business aviation have changed. Most importantly, the entire role of aviation within the channels of economics and communication has changed.

Utilizing its extensive internal databases, along with industry-standard tools such as IMPLAN, The Boyd Group helps airports gain a clear picture of its current and future impact on the region it serves.

An Economic Impact Study from Boyd Group International provides your airport with a data road map in the new post-pandemic world – where the jobs are, where the strength of your airport is, and where opportunities exist for new ventures that can strengthen the financial underpinnings of your facility.

Even if you conducted an Economic Impact Study just a year ago – it’s now out of date… because the industry has changed.

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