Consulting Solutions

Running with the pack… being “up to date”… only means that you’re behind the future.

Since our start in 1984, Boyd Group International has always set new dimensions in aviation consulting, research and forecasting that delivers futurist thinking and perspectives that ignore ambient perspectives. Here’s what sets us apart from other consultants.

We Are Tactically Aggressive

BGI is in the business of helping aviation-related firms optimize the future. We know that the economic foundation of aviation is constantly evolving, and that means all sectors – airports, suppliers, financial institutions, labor organizations and manufacturers – must have the ability to quickly adapt to maximize the opportunities of the future. Our track record of looking beyond traditional thinking is our clients’ competitive advantage.

We Are Forecast Leaders

Boyd Group International unlike other consultants, is the leader in independent research and forecasting. Our Airports:USA program is the only independent source of independent enplanement forecasts. Our Airports:China program is emerging as the premier source of aviation projections for the #1 air transportation market on the globe. BGI is not captive to reliance on other, outside sources. That means independent, incisive perspectives and vision for our clients that others cannot provide.

We Are Analytically Agile

Success demands tactical agility – being able to look beyond today’s data and into the future. Boyd Group International’s proven aviation forecast expertise is the respected standard for identifying emerging trends that other sources miss entirely.


We Are Future-Focused

Leaders never rely on the past. Leaders know that having a futurist perspective of emerging trends is essential to stay at the forefront of their business. It often means being “different’ from accepted thinking. It’s the reason leading aviation companies rely on the forecast expertise and futurist – and often iconoclastic – trend projections of Boyd Group International to build new, bold approaches to future planning, strategy and tactical programs.

We Are Relentlessly Decisive

The ability to take rapid and decisive action in the face of changing aviation trends is essential to success.  It demands ruthlessly questioning past norms, standards and perspectives – even when it varies from “accepted thinking.” Our clients have the Analytical Firepower™ to build support for whole new programs to optimize the future – regardless of the area of aviation they’re in.

We encourage you to take a look at our background and project successes for our clients, across the globe.  Then, give us a call to discuss how we can assist in optimizing your future.