Bringing China To US Airports

The China Ni Hao/BGI McCarran Program

One Example of The China Ni Hao Approach

Probably every major airport in America will claim to have a “China ready” program.

But typically they only go part of the way – focusing on cultural training, with insufficient attention to the #1 reason to be “ready” – getting these guests through airports and other venues comfortably and with respect.

Culture Training Is Great. But There’s More. The China Ni Hao/BGI China-Welcome™ programs from China Ni Hao are focused on functional approaches to accommodating travelers from the Middle Kingdom.

Example: The McCarran International Airport

So, we’re proud of our part in making Las Vegas McCarran International the nation’s first airport that proactively and demonstrably is China-Welcome ™.

The China Ni Hao/BGI program at McCarran is engineered to assure that Chinese visitors feel comfortable and valued. The goal is to enhance communication on all levels of the airport-customer interface.

Digital Outreach & Information – In China. The McCarran program engineered by CNH starts in China.

Functionality means giving Chinese visitors the informational tools they need to make the most of their visit. Airports can be very challenging to new arrivals – particularly if they do not speak English. Take a look at just about any US international gateway airport – what Chinese signage is there is rudimentary and often laughably-translated.

McCarran is way beyond that. The Airport understands that word of mouth is one of the biggest generators of international destination decisions in China. That means making McCarran not only easy to use, but to make sure that Chinese visitors know that they can start their US itinerary more comfortably at LAS than any other US gateway.

Furthermore, now that more and more Chinese visitors are on individual itineraries, instead of guided tour programs, the need to make airports more China-friendly is becoming greater by the day.

S0, even before they leave China, McCarran International is already “in their pockets” with the most advanced, comprehensive and user-friendly WeChat app of any US gateway.

WeChat now has over 700 million users in China and is its most popular app. McCarran has developed a comprehensive WeChat mini-site designed to familiarize Chinese visitors with the airport before they even leave China and to give them a unique navigational tool once they arrive.

It is fully interactive and covers everything at the airport – directions, customs requirements, security procedures at the screening checkpoint – even a discussion of how dogs are used by the TSA to be “partners” in keeping our flights safe.

It also contains a complete directory of services, including ground transportation, concessions, and information specific to making their visit more enjoyable. All accessed via McCarran’s QR code, which is available in China, on the Hainan inbound IFE, and posters with the QR code in the Airport.

Personal Outreach: Welcome Ambassadors: McCarran International’s Chinese visitors will be greeted and assisted by the nation’s first fully-dedicated program of Huanying Ambassadors.

These Mandarin speakers, sporting easily identifiable red sweaters, will accompany Chinese visitors as they process through both arrivals and departures at McCarran.  All Mandarin speakers, they are in place to provide direction and welcome to these arriving and departing guests.

Signage and Wayfinding:  On arrival and departure, Chinese visitors will feel welcome and comfortable with the wayfinding system at McCarran.  

At key communication touchpoints, they will be proactively guided through the airport with informative signage and navigation mechanisms. This includes directions to log on to the Airport Wi-Fi and a QR code to connect directly to the airport’s WeChat app.

Today, McCarran is one of the few – possibly the only – US airport that has permanent signage to guide Chinese passengers at the security checkpoints. And the only one that has professionally-accomplished signage and wayfinding along the processing paths – inbound and outbound.

Concession Ready: McCarran has worked with its concessionaires to implement key programs such as acceptance of UnionPay cards (largest credit card in China) and development of items like menus in Chinese.

Attention to Detail: The program is built to address the anticipated needs of the Chinese traveler such as explanations on the WeChat app of the differences to expect in security processing and customs and even the availability of SIM cards for Chinese mobile phones. McCarran will monitor their Chinese passengers and add other items, as required, to ensure the system is updated to meet future requirements of these visitors.

About China Ni Hao

China Ni Hao provides a range of programs that give communities, regions, states and airports the necessary tools to attract Chinese visitors, the largest growth sector and the biggest spenders in leisure travel.

The China-Welcome™ program will give destinations a competitive edge in attracting Chinese visitors and delivering a seamless experience throughout their stay. China Ni Hao develops complete marketing programs from itinerary development to the creation of digital promotional campaigns, in China, to sell not just destinations, but specific packages, with measurable results.

More on China Ni Hao can be found by clicking here.