Boyd Group International Information Network

Key Questions & Answers
Why Your Organization Will Benefit

Who Is The Audience?

It is tight and targeted.

Our channels reach hundreds of targeted aviation leaders and decision-makers at airports, airlines, planning companies and media. It is not a shotgun outreach. These cutting-edge channels are where thought-leaders gather every week. On average over 150 thought leaders in the industry click onto both the Aviation Unscripted report videos and the weekly Touch & Go.

What Are The Distribution Channels?

The Boyd Group International Monday Insight is likely the longest-running web-sourced, regularly-posted aviation report.

It has been published consistently since 1997 – now with over 1,000 editions. It is a week-starting staple for aviation leaders looking for insight and thought that goes beyond the consensus and ambient thinking. Boyd Group International has earned the reputation for direct, no-nonsense commentary. Political correctness is the adversary of clear futurist thinking. We help our clients look at fresh perspectives other consultants shy away from. For 25 years, the Monday Insight has been a stand-out in bold, direct thinking.

Touch & Go is distributed weekly by email, as noted above.

Aviation Unscripted is also announced and distributed by email and is posted on our same-named channel on Rumble. Note that we have considered returning to YouTube, where we started in 2019. However, the truth-averse policies engaged in at YouTube are such as we do not want at this time to be involved with.

Beyond the Rumble chanel, the Aviation Unscripted report video is also distributed via access on this website, and also our subscribers – again leaders – are notified when the report is posted.

What Are The Formats?

Monday Insight: Your ad is shown prominently on the right column, and rotates after several seconds. We limit the number of sponsor ads on the Monday Insight to five. There is plenty of exposure here.

Touch & Go: Your ad is prominently displayed at the top of the article, and will rotate with no more than four other subscribers. This will provide excellent view time for your message.

Aviation Unscripted: Here, your sponsorship is displayed and announced at the start of the video, and again a thanks for watching recognition at the end of the video. For Premium sponsorship, there will be a break in the video presentation to display your 45-second video as well.

What Can Be Advertised?

Basically, your product. For airports, there are airline planners and senior executives on the distribution list that read the T&G and view the Aviation Unscripteds, as well as the open-access Monday Insights. Let them and the world know the value of your airport – a quick data point, or go for illuminating your incentive program, or that new service, or promotional activities. Don’t ignore the potential for recognition of key employee achievements, too.

For suppliers, these channels illuminate your product and product applications. Subscribers can announce recent achievements or client successes, too. The goal – let the aviation world know about how you are a solution and an opportunity for them to expand, become more efficient, and expand their presence in the marketplace. Get innovative!