August 13, 2018 Update

The Seven Top Airport Trends, 2018-2027

We’ve just published the 2018-2027 Airports:USA traffic forecasts.

All of the findings will be reviewed at the International Aviation Forecast Summit next week.

In the meantime, we’ve published The Seven Top Airport Trends, 2018-2027 – you can review it right now, and it contains just brief outlines of some of the futurist points in the Airports:USA forecast…

…Things like, Providence and Jacksonville may want to brush up on their French, and take a look at thruput in the FIS… Charlotte, North Carolina – you may want to call us for a China-Welcome program, and soon. You may be first in line getting to know a few non-“Jing-Hu” points in China… “Road-hubbing” may be the fastest-growth air service trend… and we really do need to re-think the need for a higher PFC, because hub-choke is more than real. And more…

Just a couple of things to think about. A couple of the points in the Airports:USA forecast that we will be exploring at the IAFS.

As usual, this is not just another numbers exercise.

It’s consistent with our track record of not accepting consensus thinking.

— Remember, it was at the IAFS that we first forecast the end of demand for 50-seat jets – in 2003, when other sources were predicting demand decades into the future

— It was at the IAFS – back in 2008 – that we outlined the forecast rationale for a trans-Atlantic invasion of large interior non-hubsite  US airports. Nobody else predicted it. Now it’s here, and since it’s as obvious as an alligator in the swimming pool, other consulting firms are actively “predicting” it.

— It was also Boyd Group International that first suggested – in 2005 – that US airports and communities start to “get to know” China, as it was going to be a huge market opportunity. Back then, most other firms thought “China” was tableware. Today, we’ve assisted communities across the country in getting prepared for more Chinese investment, using the most expert team of professionals in China-US air transportation trends.

Okay, invest in a couple of clicks and take a look at The Seven Top Airport Trends, 2018-2027. It covers a lot of territory that no other event even touches. Key highlights of what what’s in the Airports:USA forecast at the IAFS this year.

Go to, and then click on the title page icon, like the one here.

Take it to the bank, what we cover in the Airports:USA forecast is business intelligence found nowhere else.

Or, better yet, take it to Denver, and join us next week at the IAFS.